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Subject guide for Chinese Studies

On this page you will find a selection of resources concerning Chinese studies with a special view on social studies, culture and languages.You are welcome to contact us in case you need help, or if you have suggestions for additional information for the page.

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Reference Works


    • AsiaPortal
      The AsiaPortal functions both as a common access to information resources on Asia for the Nordic Asian studies community and as a platform for news and information about Nordic research and academic activities on Asia in the Nordic region.
    • Anthropology Plus
      Anthropology Plus covers anthropology and related fields. The database offers worldwide indexing of all core periodicals and lesser-known journals from the early 19th century to today, providing pervasive indexing of thousands of sources, including journal articles, reports, commentaries, edited works and obituaries.
    • Historical Abstracts
      The bibliography covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada), focusing on the 15th century to the present. Provides a selection of bibliographic records from thousands of academic journals, magazines, books and monographs.
    • Proquest
      Collection of databases which covers a wide range of subject areas: Humanities, social sciences, science and medicine. Most of the databases are bibliographies.

    Article Archives

    • JSTOR
      Journal database with full-text access to the leading journals within all subject areas. Usually it is not possible to access the most recent 3-5 volumes, but it is possible to access publications before that.
    • Project Muse
      Journal database with full-text access to high quality journals within the humanities and social science. The database provides access to the most recent issues and sometimes to older issues (back issues) as well.
    • Scopus
      Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Covering research in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities.
    • Web of Science (WOS)
      Web of Science provides a comprehensive citation search. It gives access to multiple databases that reference cross-disciplinary research, which allows for in-depth exploration of specialized sub-fields within an academic and scientific discipline.

    E-books and Text Archives

    • Ebook Central
      E-book database which covers all subject areas. The books come from academic publishing houses: Blackwell, Brill, Oxford University Press, Springer and Wiley. Ebrary and EBL merged into a single new ebook platform, Ebook Central, in 2017.

    • Google Books
      E-book-database which provides access to a large number of academic books from commercial publishers and research libraries

    • Oxford Scholarship Online
      OSO provides full-text access to a broad selection of books published by the Oxford University Press from 2001 and forth.


    • Ordbogen.com
      Opdateres jævnligt med ord, som brugeren ikke finder i første forsøg. Indeholder de mest anvendte ord og udtryk inden for de pågældende sprog og fagområder.
      Bemærk: Ordbogen.com har overtaget driften af Gyldendals ordbøger.
    • Gyldendals røde ordbøger
      Samlet elektronisk adgang til Gyldendals Ordbøger. Onlineordbøgerne bygger videre på printudgaverne af Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger. Giver også adgang til søgning i engelsk-engelsk ordbøger fra Oxford University Press o.a.

    • pleco.com
      Pleco is a free Chinese dictionary app for smart phones and iPads. It includes numerous Chinese dictionaries as well as Chinese fonts, handwriting input, flashcards and audio in a single app.

    • wenlin.com

    Political Resources on China (ThinkChina)

    Newspapers and Media in English and Chinese



    Chinese Language Tools

      Other Subject Guides

      Other Online Library Sources

      Denmark’s national library database. Contains references to the national Danish libraries and materials from the libraries of research.

      National Library of China

      AU Studypedia

      The AU Studypedia is an academic study tool you can use when writing assignments, searching for sources and in relation to other working methods that form part of studying.


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