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All kinds of books

At AU Library you can borrow all kinds of books. If you need a book that we don't have, we will get it for you. In addition to the printed books, we also buy a number of e-books, which you as a student or employee at Aarhus University have access to wherever you are.

If you are looking for books, it is easiest to use the large search field at library.au.dk. Please be aware that you can, for example, limit your search to only search for printed books or e-books respectively. You can also search directly for e-books from the search field on this page.

To be able to borrow printed books, you must register as a user at AU Library/The Royal Library. You can hand in the books you borrow via AU Library at all AU Library's libraries.

Information about e-books

To be able to have the best user experience with the e-books or to be able to solve any problems we recommend reading the guide from the specific e-book provider on each website. The e-book providers give you different functionalities in their databases and content. 

Need help?

If you need any help - feel free to ask. 

Need an e-book?

Even though we give you access to many e-books we do not have access to all e-books. You are always welcome to suggest a new title.

E-book collections

Below you will find examples of e-book collections:

ProQuest Ebook Central


Cambridge Companions

Benefits of e-books

  • An e-book is available 24/7
  • Remote access for all users associated with AU
  • Multiple users can access simultaneously. Thereby you can avoid reservations and waiting.
  • Advanced search options: Full text search when you need information about very narrow and limited issues which are not covered by a whole book/title
  • Other tools allow personalization: A 'bookshelf' where you can save and organize your queries + write notes. 
  • A note function: Here (in e-books) students are allowed to write in the books! 
  • Ability to create lookup in dictionaries, search the Web, translate words from English into other languages, locate place names.
  • Cross-linking facilities - e.g. into e-journal articles from Bibliographies
  • Links to outside information sources
  • Ability to print and copy
  • The e-books do not occupy physical space
  • You will get no fees for passing due date!
  • AU Library can quickly allow new books included in the collection

Something you can't find?

Interlibrary loans

If you need material that is not available at AU Library, but is owned by another library, it is possible that AU Library can obtain the material for you. Read more about how to do this.