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Publish in AU's project library

  • Things to know before, during, and after publishing your final paper

You can choose to upload your final paper (bachelor’s project or Master’s thesis) into AU's project library (Pure), allowing other students from Aarhus University to read it.

Students and staff at AU will be able to find and read it via the Royal Danish Library's library system.

Your contribution to the project library will thus potentially contribute to research, and other students from AU can be inspired when they have to write a bachelor’s project or Master’s thesis.

Things you need to be aware of before you publish your final paper

If you consider making your final paper publically available, you should ensure that you can do so legally. You hold the copyright to your final paper and it is your responsibility that it is legal to make it publicly available.

Read more about copyright, quotes, use of images, and more.

Check out your subject portal for help.

Can every student at AU publish their final paper?

Most students at AU have the option to publish their final paper in AU's project library. However, a few education programs have chosen not to offer this option when submitting your final paper via WISEflow.

Copyright - what should you do if your final paper contains material subject to copyright ownership?

If your final paper contains illustrations, images, graphs, or similar from journal papers or books, you usually need to obtain consent from the publishing house before you publish your paper. You thus need to acquire permission from the copyright owners. If you have doubts, seek guidance. Read more about copyright and images, talk to your supervisor, or seek assistance in your subject portal

Access to your final paper in AU's project library

Once your paper is published in the project library and you have received a passing grade, students and staff at AU can access your final paper via the Royal Danish Library's library system.

To access the final papers, students and staff at AU must:

  • log in to the library system

while SIMOLTANIUSLY be on:

  • AU's network (network cables at campus), or
  • wifi network Eduroam (at campus), or
  • AU-ACCESS VPN (from home)

Need help?

Contact your exam administrator for help if you encounter trouble while uploading your final paper or if you discover typing errors.

See no option to publish via WISEflow?

Reach out to your exam administrator. You can find the relevant contact information on your exam receipt.

Regret making your final paper public?

You always have the option to withdraw your final paper from the project library. Look to your exam administrator or subject portal for help.

Need help handling confidential material?

If you are unsure whether your final paper contains confidential material, reach out to your supervisor before you publish your final paper.

Confidential material includes any information that can lead to personal identification. If you wrote an industrial thesis or did a business collaboration, you may have signed a confidentiality agreement preventing you from publishing your final paper.

Did you mistakenly publish a final paper with confidential material?

Immediately withdraw your paper. Contact your exam administrator, and they will help you remove it from the project library.

What is Pure?

AU uses Pure as an institutional repository for scientific papers and final papers produced by researchers and students from AU. When you publish your final paper in AU's project library (Pure), it is findable in the Royal Danish Library's library system, allowing other students from AU to read it.