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Access from home

Remote access to e-resources

As an employee or student at Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital, you can get home/remote access to the electronic resources Det Kgl. Bibliotek / Aarhus University Library subscribes to.

Home/remote access means that you can access the library’s electronic journals, e-books, databases, etc. from any computer – whether you are at home or abroad.

To use remote access, you must be registered as an employee or student at Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital.

If you’re in doubt about whether you’ve been registered as a employee or student, please contact Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus in person or by sending an e-mail to brugerregistrering.aarhus@kb.dk.

Remember to always access the electronic resources via our website. It’s not possible to access the e-resources directly on the Internet. You’ll be asked to enter your user number and pin code before you can access the e-resources you want.

Rules for remote access

Remote access is strictly personal and should only be used for personal study or research purposes. The commercial use of data, the systematic download of large amounts of data (including entire books or journals) as well as the systematic storage of data are strictly forbidden.

It’s also forbidden to pass on your user ID and password (pin code) to others and to use remote access in connection with another workplace. If the library or the data supplier should discover any misuse, your remote access will be closed. All traffic relating to remote access is logged by both the data supplier and the library.

What is Home access?

Both students and employees at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have the opportunity to get home access to the electronic ressources that Aarhus University Library subscribe to

Home access means you get access to electronic journals, ebooks, databases et al, on any pc both at home or anywhere else.

How to log on via Home access

Students and employees at Aarhus University log on via 3 different log in systems:

  • Via WAYF
  • Via Det Kgl. Bibliotek / AU Library
  • Via AUs VPN

Employees from Aarhus University Hospital can access home access via:

  • Via Det Kgl. Bibliotek / AU Library login.

(You have to be registred as a hospital employee in AU Librarys systems. )


If you are unsure whether or not you are registred correctly, please contact Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus directly or via brugerregistrering.aarhus@kb.dk

Remeber to always access the electronic ressources via AU Librarys home page. it is not possible to gain access to the e-resources directly.


Restrictions for use of 'home access'

Home access is strictly for personal use only, and is only to be used for personal studying and/or research. Commercial use of data, systematic download of large data (not limited to books or whole journals) and systematic storage or data is very much illegal.


It is also illegal to share your user-id and password (pin) with others, or to use your home access in connection with another workplace or job. If abuse is discovered. All access will be shut down. All traffic in regards to home access will be logged.   

Access issues?

  • If you are using a work computer, you can experience connection issues to AU Librarys electronic ressources.  Theese problems are usually caused by your workplace/organisations Firewall, blocking download of articles from AU Library.

In such cases we recommend you to either use your own private computer to download articles, or contact your organization/workplace ITdepartment to have the two ports opened that their network not immidiatly allow access to.