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For Teachers

AU Library offers a number of services for employees at Aarhus University. Everything from assistance in acquiring the necessary materials for the semester shelf, to help in choosing the right tools to keep your references in check. If you feel that a specific service is missing, you are more than welcome to contact AU Library (see box below) – and we will try and help you. You can read more about our ‘Subject specialist librarian’ service on this page too.

Contact AU Library

If there is any service you as a researcher feel that AU Library could be of assistance with, please feel free to contact your liasion librarian or your local AU library.


Research guide

 Do you need assistance in finding litteratur or resources to aid your teaching, AU Library can help you.


Copyright can be tricky when it comes to teaching. Read more about copyright and the use of various resources.

Plagiarism detection

AU Library offers support to teachers in the use of the plagiarism detection tool Ouriginal (formerly Urkund), and can assist with any questions on the use of the program.

Course literature

AU Library can help you by providing copies of the course literature so that it will be available in the library for the students to use.


What can you, as a teacher do, to explain the dangers of Plagiarizing to your students? And what do you do if you actually discover someone plagiarizing? AU Library can help you.


Reference management

AU Library supports the reference management tool EndNote, which all employees and students at Aarhus University have access to for free.

Home Access

As an employee or student at Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital you can get home access to the electronic resources which AU Library subscribes to.