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Reference management for teachers

  • How can you include reference management in your instruction?

Reference management when you teach

What should you recommend your students when it comes to reference management and handling your sources?

To cite sources correctly is highly important for students. It can help them avoid plagiarising and help them to respect other people's copyright.

As a teacher you can use a reference management tool in your classes and when you supervise your students. You can also use a reference management tool when preparing for a class. Below you will find examples of situations where a reference management tool can lighten your work and facilitate the communication between teacher and students.

Contact and support

AU Library offers courses on EndNote. Furthermore, it is possible to book a course for your class at several of our libraries.

Please contact your local AU library to hear more about your opportunities!


If your students are to work in groups on specific subjects or projects it could be an idea to use a reference management tool for this kind of work.

You could for example ask your students to find literature on a specific subject and upload the references they find to a reference management tool. By doing this a whole class can share references and export the references to the reference management tool they might use themselves. In this way the are given a lot of references they could consider to use in their assignments. 

As a teacher you are also able to watch what kind of literature the students find and to comment on specific references. 


If your students have questions about reference management you can benefit by directing them to AU Library's page on reference management.

As a supervisor you can choose to recommend your students to use a reference management tool. Both for their own sake when having the tool creating citations and bibliographies for them in their assignments, but also for your sake when you supervise them. You can very quickly get an overview of the literature they have found or you can easily find literature in your own reference management tool and share with the students. 

The students can quickly create a list of references from their reference management tool to send prior to or to bring to a supervisor session.