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Practical information

We have gathered a lot of practical information you might need as a library user - ranging from how you can obtain remote access to the materials if you are affiliated with Aarhus University to what library fines you will need to pay if you should return a book too late.

If there is any information you are missing, you are very welcome to contact us.

AU Library user

If you are already registered as a user at AU Library, you can log in to see information about your loans, reservations and to-do lists.  

Are you not a library user you can register to become one.

If you have forgotten the PIN code associated with your account, it is possible to log in and see the PIN code or change it.

About AU Library

Something you can't find?

What can I renew?

Depending on the material you have borrowed, there can be different possibilities regarding renewal and the potential for keeping it for a longer period. See more about the rules regarding different types of material.

User regulations

AU Library has a set of user regulations. It is expected that AU Library users comply with these regulations.

Interlibrary loans

If you need material that is not available at AU Library, but is owned by another library, it is possible that AU Library can obtain the material for you. Read more about how to do this. 

Lending times and fines

Here you can find information on how long you can borrow different material, what it will cost if it is returned too late, and how to pay any potential fine you may incur. 

Pay fines online

If you have kept a book for too long and had the misfortune to incur a fine. The fine can be paid online, read how here.

Suggest a title

If you have a suggestion for material that you think AU Library should make available to its users, we would really like to hear from you.

Reservation processing time and pick-up

Here you can read about the AU Library guidelines regarding reservation processing time and the collection of reserved materials.

Access from home

It is possible, if you are affiliated with Aarhus University, to get access to AU Library material from home. You can read more about how to do this here.