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Reference management for researchers

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Reference management for you as a researcher

Reference management involves organising the references you work with, and properly mentioning these in your research publications. How you reference correctly can depend on your field of research and the associated output styles and methods.

An output style defines the information to be included in your references, and how this information should be presented in your written work, both in the running text or footnotes and in the bibliography. Examples of output styles are APA, Chicago, MLA, Politica, Vancouver, Harvard.

In addition to field specific requirements for your reference management there may also be requirements and rules for how you manage your references with individual journals and publishers. Therefore, always remember to check if there is a guide on how to indicate your references at the journal or publisher you want to publish in.

To help you reference correctly you can use a reference tool. If you choose to use a reference tool for your reference management you can optimise your time. A reference tool can indeed help you organise and keep track of large amounts of literature. It can also manage the process of referencing correctly, so your publications' references meet established requirements and standards.

Use a reference management tool

Use a reference management tool to keep track of your references and use them in a correct and consistent way.

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