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  • Useful information when publishing your research

Publishing is a very important part of the research life cycle. Journal ranking, Open Access, copyright, the bibliometric research indicator (BFI), the use of social media and measures of visibility, are all topics that are useful to have some knowledge of when publishing your research through the recognized publication channels.

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the liaison librarian associated with your field, who will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact your local library.  

Publishing strategy

Choice of publishing strategy is dependant on a number of factors.

The experiences of your colleagues, the conventions of your academic discipline, as well as the requirements of the university and the wider research environment regarding publishing and dissemination, all play a role in choosing the most appropriate strategy.

Predatory publicering

Be aware of so-called predatory journals and predatory publishing houses when choosing a publishing channel. Predatory journals refer to publishing channels that are considered to be scientifically dishonest and illegitimate.

Bibliometrics and publishing

When you choose which journal you want to publish in, your choice will have an effect on a number of factors.

Depending on how high a journal impact factor the journal has, it will have an effect on your H-index and on how many citations you receive.

Publishing via Open Access

Open Access (OA) publishing can potentially mean more readers for your publications.

Read more about OA journals, traditional publishing with parallel publishing in PURE, embargo periods and what you should pay special attention to in relation to copyright.

Create your researcher ID

No more being mistaken for other researchers! Create a unique researcher ID and associate your publications and activities with it so that all of your research is visible.

Select ORCID as your researcher ID and have it automatically synchronized from PURE.

Copyright when publishing

Please be aware of the kind of agreement you are entering into with a publisher. This can affect what you are permitted to do with your publications later on. 

Reference management when publishing

Reference management programs are designed to help you structure and retrieve your references as well as create bibliography lists adapted to differing publishing requirements.

Scholarly Publishing Services

Get your journal or e-book published by AU Library.

AU Library has made two platforms available for publishing e-journals and e-books.

As an employee at Aarhus University, you can publish journals related to AU.

As an employee at Aarhus University you can have your manuscripts, PhD thesis, proceedings, working papers etc. published as e-books.