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Publish an online journal

AU Library and Det Kgl. Bibliotek offer journal editors affiliated with universities Denmark to publish journals for free at tidsskrift.dk.

Tidsskrift.dk is a server built on Open Journal Systems (OJS), and it acts as a publishing platform for electronic journals. OJS is able to handle editorial work – communication between editors, assessors and authors – as well as the final online publication. At tidsskrift.dk, all journals will get their own website, where their publications can be accessed.

If you are interested in publishing your online journal at tidsskrift.dk, you can start by reading more about who can publish on tidsskrift.dk (in Danish) and criteria for the editorial team. Please contact us at tidsskrift.dk@kb.dk.

We have courses that help your editors get started with the use of the system. You will get help to set up your website and learn how to carry out editorial work in the system.

Cooperating partner at Copenhagen University Library

Rie Karen Marie Iversen

Librarian, Information specialist
Det Kgl. Bibliotek, KUB South Campus