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Citation or plagiarism


When writing assignments, it is natural to quote from books or other sources. You are permitted to cite short excerpts from books and similar, in accordance with copyright law §22.

It is, however, hard to specify just how much you are entitled to quote before you are in violation of the copyright and your citation becomes plagiarism.

Therefore, if you are in doubt, only cite very short excerpts from any work. Remember to always cite correctly, to mark clearly that it is a quotation and specify the source from which you are quoting.

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If, in an assignment you make use of text excerpts from books without specifying the source, you may be committing plagiarism. 

Many universities, including Aarhus University, make use of software services which can identify if there has been any plagiarism in your submitted assignments.

The consequences of plagiarism can be anyting from having to submit a new assignment to expulsion form your studies - in the wost cases. Read more on how to avoid plagiarism