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Radio, television and commercials

Radio, television and commercials via Mediestream

As a student you have access to over a million radio, television and commercial broadcasts for the purposes of your studies.

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus has entered into an agreement with Copydan AVU Medier. Through which, students and lecturers have access to use radio and television broadcasts for study and teaching purposes at the university.

Radio, television and commercial broadcasts are streamed via the Mediestream.dk portal. As a student at AU, you can log in with your AU Login via WAYF.

You can only use the material for study purposes; for example, when performing research or as a source reference (with link).

All material on Mediestream has a unique and permanent link that can be used as a reference. The contents of Mediestream may not be downloaded, forwarded, modified, used commercially or publicly displayed, etc.

Inspiration on the use of AV materials (audiovisual materials) in assignments can be found on Mediestream’s Facebook page and in Mediestream’s Newsletter. If you would like to know more, or are uncertain about use, there is more information and contact details at mediestream.dk