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Subject Guide for English Business Communication

On this page you will find a selection of resources concerning English language and business communication as well as some resources concerning cultural and intercultural issues relevant for business communication. You are welcome to contact us in case you need help, or if you have suggestions for additional information for the page.

Reference Works

  • Encyclopedia of American Studies
    Encyclopedia concerning American culture. Contains a large amount of articles about literature, art, films, history, social conditions, economy, education, gender, race, religion, environment, philosophy, science, social reforms and more.
  • Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 
    ELL2 is the largest linguistic encyclopedia. Contains overview articles with matching reference lists about all language scientific topics, disciplines and technical terms.
  • Handbook of business communication [electronic resource]: linguistic approaches
    Gerlinde Mautner 1963 -, Franz Rainer, C. A. Ross. 1 Edition. - 2017. e-bog
    This handbook takes a linguistic approach to business communication, drawing together perspectives from various research traditions. The book deals with many genres and methods of communication, including negotiations, sales talk, websites, advertising, intercultural business communication, English as a lingua franca, metaphors, the language of marketing, organizational discourse, and corporate language.

  • Handbook of Media Branding [electronic resource]
    Gabriele Siegert, Kati Förster, Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted, Mart Ots, SpringerLink (Online service). 2015. e-bog. This handbook critically addresses current issues and achievements in the field of media branding. The book discusses media branding from different viewpoints, disciplines and research traditions with focus on current issues of media branding, such as society, content, management, audience, and advertising aspects of media brands.
  • Handbook of Terminology
    Handbook on terminology (management), traditions, best practices, and methods to students, researchers, professionals and lecturers in terminology. Relevant to anyone with a professional or personal interest in terminology, translation, interpreting, localization, editing, etc., such as communication specialists, translators, scientists, editors, public servants, brand managers, engineers, and (intercultural) organization specialists.
  • International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
    An interdisciplinary encyclopedia covering historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functional, philosophical, and sociolinguistics. The reference work is a part of the database
  • Language for special purposes [electronic resource]: an international handbook
    J. Humbley, Gerhard Budin, Christer Laurén. 2018. e-bog. This handbook concerns language for special purposes in scientific and professional contexts. The book has a transdisciplinary orientation with focus on domains such as lexicography, terminology, technical communication, legal, economic and medical language, company and organization speak, including knowledge transfer and cross-cultural exchange.

  • Oxford Reference Online, where reference works on all subjects can be found.
  • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics
    Reference work on many topics and areas of Linguistics. The articles are research-based, peer-reviewed and contains references, cross-references, links to digital material, etc. Will be updated continuously.

  • Routledge international handbook of sustainable development [electronic resource]
    M. R. Redclift, Delyse Springett. 2015. e-bog. This handbook gives a comprehensive, international and cutting-edge overview of Sustainable Development. The book discusses institutional, environmental, social and economic key imperatives of sustainable development, as well as social cohesion, justice, democracy, and the need for interdisciplinarity in the discourse.

  • The international encyclopedia of intercultural communication [electronic resource]
    Young Yun Kim. 2018. e-bog. This encyclopedia addresses key aspects of intercultural communication theory and research. The encyclopedia focusses on areas such as cross-cultural communication, cultural communication, intergroup communication, intercultural training, and critical intercultural communication, including issues of ethnicity and race.

  • The international encyclopedia of strategic communication [electronic resource]
    Robert L. Heath 1941-, Winni Johansen. 2018. e-bog. This encyclopedia captures the full scope of contemporary theory and practice in strategic communication. The book focusses on critique, integrating, and reengineering forms, structures, functions of, and purposes for external and internal communication of organizations within the four major areas of strategy, organization, management, and sociocultural impact.


  • Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)
    LLBA is the largest linguistic bibliography. It contains references to language-scientific literature (journal articles, articles in books, books and more) about all linguistic topics and branches as well as all languages.
  • ABI/INFORM Global
    Large article database covering a wide range of business topics; management, marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, business communication, social media, corporate culture, etc. Includes academic articles, articles from trade magazines.
  • Business Source Complete
    Large article database covering a wide range of business topics; management, marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, business communication, social media, corporate culture, etc. Includes academic articles, articles from trade magazines and business reports.
  • Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC)
    Database containing academic articles, on communication, communication studies and mass media.
  • MLA International Bibliography
    References to articles and books within literature- and language studies. Usually the articles are available in full-text. Covers European, Asian, American and Africa languages and literary fields.

Article Databases

  • Emerald
    Smaller database containing academic articles from the publisher Emerald. Covering such areas as management, marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, business communication, social media and corporate culture.
    Articles from leading journals within all subject areas. There is no access to publications from the last five years.

  • SAGE journals online
    Database containing academic articles from the publisher Sage. With a broad coverage of the social sciences, including politics, sociology, economics, marketing, management, language and communication.

  • Science Direct
    Smaller database containing academic articles and e-books published by Elsevier. Covering such areas as management, marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, business communication, social media and corporate culture.

E Books and Text Archives


  • Oxford English Dictionary
    The OED is the largest and most updated dictionary of its kind. In a historical perspective the dictionary provides information about the meaning of a word as well as its development through quotes from many different periods, texts and genres. Covers the entire English speaking world.
  • Oxford Reference Online
    E-books database containing a large collection of acknowledged reference works and dictionaries within the English language as well as English-French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Irish and Welsh dictionaries. Also contains a collection of quotes, illustrations, maps and historical timelines.
  • Ordbogen.com
    Collection of dictionaries which contains Ordbogen.com and Gyldendals Ordbøger. The collection of dictionaries covers a large number of subject areas and languages. The list of all relevant dictionaries is obtained when you search a word. Covering such areas as trade, technology, IT, law, accounting and finance.
  • Regnskabsordbøgerne
    The accounting dictionaries. Danish, Danish-English, English and English-Danish. Access via Ordbogen.com

Newspaper and Media

  • Børsen
    Internet version of the newspaper with access to archives. Search daily newspaper Børsen's full-text articles published since June 21, 1996.
  • The Economist
  • Factiva
    Dow Jones Factiva is a unique database combining global news with first-class company information. The page is good for both global news search and search for marked and company information. Only 5 users have access simultaneously.
  • Financial Times
  • Infomedia
    Access to all Danish national and local daily newspapers as well as a selection of local weekly newspapers. In addition, access to individual Danish journals/trade magazines and web sources.

Market Information

  • Marketline
    Portal containing information about companies, industries, finance, products and countries. Includes Industry Profiles, Consumer markets Database, SWOT Analyses, and Country profiles.
  • Passport
    Passport (formerly GMID - Global Market Information Database) from Euromonitor provides information on demographics, economics, consumption and market conditions. Here, you can find product/consumer statistics, lifestyle reports, market reports and company reports.
  • World Advertising Research Center (WARC)
    Portal containing various analyses, reports, news, articles and case studies within the business communication field - e.g. marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, etc. The data is, in many cases, evidence-based and may originate, for example, from ESOMAR or Advertising Research Center.

Translation and Interpreting

Academic Practice



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