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Subject guide for Diaconia

On this page, you will find a selection of resources relevant for the subject of Diaconia. As the subject lies close to several other fields, the resources have been selected in reference to these. Remember that other subject guides also may be relevant to you. You are welcome to contact us in case you need any help or if you have suggestions for additional information on the page.

Reference works

Reference works on theologyt

Reference works on social science

Article databases

References and articles with full-text access

  • Bibliotek.dk
    National bibliography of all publications in Denmark dating back to 1841. Also contains catalogues of all Danish libraries (public and academic libraries).

Databases within theology

  • ATLA med ATLA Serials
    The main database within theology and religion with indexation of articles and reviews from journals and anthologies. Contains full-text access to articles from more than 220 journals.

Databases within entrepreneurship

  • ABI/Inform Global
    Large article database. It covers broadly within business, e.g. leadership, marketing, branding, consumer behavior, corporate communication, social media, and company culture. Contains academic article and articles from trade magazines.
  • Sage Journals Online
    Smaller database which contains academic articles from the publisher Sage. Covers broadly within social sciences, including politics, sociology, economics, marketing, leadership, language, and communication.

Databases within pedagogics, psychology, and nursing

  • PsykINFO
    Contains references to psychological publications as well as publications dealing with psychological aspects in disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, anthropology, economy and law. Full-text access to articles from PsycArticle.
  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
    The most extensive bibliography on pedagogics with references to journal articles, books, conference records, papers etc. within all the disciplines of pedagogy and other related literature. Usually, full-text access is granted to articles and papers.

  • Cinahl
    Database containing literature within nursing and health care, biomedicine, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, etc.

General database

    Journal database with full-text access to the leading academic journals within all subject areas. NB: it is usually not possible to access the most recent 3-5 volumes, but it is possible to access publications before that.
  • Project Muse
    Journal database with full-text access to high quality journals within the humanities and social science. The database provides access to the most recent issues and sometimes to older issues (back issues) as well.
  • Forskningsdatabasen (Den danske Forskningsdatabase)
    The Danish National Research Database. English language available. Bibliographic database with references to Danish research publications from especially Danish universities, but also from other schools, governmental research institutions, research councils etc. Search results can be sorted by scientific level. The database is continuously updated and is the best covering collection of Danish research on all subjects.


  • Kritisk forum for praktisk teologi
    A Danish journal for priests, theologists, and others who work with Christianity and its importance. The journal is divided into themes, so every issue has its own theme.
  • Praktische Theologie (Güthersloh, Germany) - 2009-
    Praktische Theologie is divided into themes, so every issue focuses on something different. The themes revolve around religion, society, and social innovation with a practical, theological view.


  • Cambridge Companions Online
    Online version of the acknowledged Cambridge Companions series meant for students. Contains introductions to classical and central authors, artists, philosophers, topics, and periods.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
    Oxford Scholarship Online gives access to a large selection of books from Oxford University Press. Full-text access is granted to subjects like religion, classical studies, literature, philosophy, etc.
  • Ebook Central
    E-book database with thousands of e-books within all subject areas.


  • Ordbogen.com
    Web based dictionaries. The dictionaries are frequently updated with words that the user was unable to find in the first try.  It contains the most used words and expressions within the given language and subject field.
  • Gyldendals røde ordbøger
       Online version of Gyldendal’s dictionaries. The dictionaries are based on the print versions of Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger.  

Newspaper and media

  • Infomedia
    A large newspaper database with full-text articles from a number of Danish nationwide, regional, and local daily newspapers, local weekly newspapers, journals, magazines, etc. The articles date back to about 1990.
  • Aviser
    An overview of the newspapers Aarhus University Library has access to.
  • Mediestream
    Available in English. Mediestream provides radio- and TV-shows from selected Danish channels since December 2005. Mediestream is continuously updated with the most recent radio and TV, however with a delay of about two weeks. Broadcasts sent before December 2005 can be found on DVD through the library. Continuously updated.


  • Danmarks Statistik
    Under the subject ”Priser og forbrug”, you can find Danish statistics on e.g. purchases of cars, alcohol, tobacco, real estate, food consumption, etc.
  • International statistik
    Danmarks Statistik has collected links to international statistics on prices and consumption, sorted into European and non-European sources.


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