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Subject guide for Electrical and Computer Engineering

On this page you will find a selection of resources within the fields of electrical and computer engineering. You are welcome to contact us at AU Library, Katrinebjerg and AU Library, Birk Centerpark if you need help. 

Article databases

  • Engineering Village - Compendex 
    Articles covering all engineering fields. Some articles are online, others can be ordered from the library.
  • ACM Digital Library
    ACM Digital Library consists of two separate databases which cannot be searched simultaneously.
    ACM Digital Library - journals published by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) since 1947, with full-text access, as well as
    Guide to Computing Literature - a bibliography with references and abstracts of articles, conference contributions, etc., from both ACM and a wide range of other publishers. Not everything can be found in full-text, but the majority of the journal articles are available in full, either via a link to a PDF or DOI.
  • ScienceDirect
    Full-text articles from 1995 and onward from Elsevier. Covers all topics, but you have the possibility of limiting your search to engineering subjects. You can order copies of articles from before 1995 at the library.
  • IEEE / IET Electronic Library (IEL)
    Articles within electrical engineering, electronics, ICT, computer science, computing and more. IEEE also includes all valid AIEE, ANSI and ANSI/IEEE standards.
  • Web of Science
    Web of Science (WoS) is an article database and citation index with references to articles covering all subjects.
  • Scopus
    Article database and citation index covering all subjects. The Scopus research database indexes more journals than any other database. Some articles are online, others can be ordered from the library.
  • Google Scholar 
    E-books, e-journals, theses, preprints, patents and reports. In addition, references to articles, books and theses. Google Scholar covers all topics, but please note that you are searching through material of very mixed quality, of which much is not published in a scientific publication.
  • Emerald
    References to articles on all topics. Many articles are available in full-text. Those for which there is no electronic access to, copies can be ordered from the library.
  • SpringerLink
    Artikler i fuldtekst fra 1995 og frem, samt henvisninger til artikler. SpringerLink dækker alle emner. Adgang via AU’s netværk eller VPN.

Reference works

  • A Dictionary of Computing
    A reference work with more than 6,000 entries on theories, software, IT, etc.
  • A Dictionary of the Internet
    More than 4,000 entries on terms related to the Internet: software, infrastructure, jargon, e-commerce, etc.
  • A Dictionary of Statistics
    Covers all topics within the field of statistics, including terms used in computing, mathematics, operational research, and probability, as well as biographical information and coverage of statistical journals and societies.
  • Wikibooks: Computer science bookshelf
    Deals with the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation, and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems.
  • Ordbogen.com
    Collection of dictionaries which contains Ordbogen.com and Gyldendals Ordbøger. The collection of dictionaries covers a large number of subject areas and languages. The list of all relevant dictionaries is obtained when you search a word.
  • Morgan & Claypool Collections I, II, III, IV, V & VI : Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
    This is a collection of e-books on computer science and engineering topics, including software, antennas, mathematics, algorithms, artificial intelligence, networks, data processing, data mining, signal processing, informatics, biomedicine, electrical power and much more.
    The e-books are authored by experts within the respective fields and provide a summary of the knowledge and developments within the e-book’s theme.
    You can search across all 6 collections. Green highlighting denotes the resources that are available to you.

Semester shelf

At AU Library, Birk Centerpark, you are able to find/read the books on your course Reading Lists via the library’s semester shelf. More information about the semester shelf.

Rules and regulations

  • Arbejdstilsynet
    Danish Working Environment Authority guidelines, legislation (i.e. regulations, circulars, directives, judgments, etc.) and technical regulations in full text.
  • Sikkerhedsstyrelsen
    The Electrical Safety Act, gas regulations and electricity notices in full text.

Other libraries

  • Bibliotek.dk
    References to books and e-books, e-journals and full-text articles, with references to the articles. It searches across all Danish libraries and bibliotek.dk includes more than 11 million entries. If you have a user account at AU Library, you can collect your orders from your usual AU library collection location.
    Bibliotek.dk covers all subjects.


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Information seeking

We have collected some relevant information about information retrieval and on how to quickly and efficiently find the materials you need.

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