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Standard Distribute

Online access to all Danish standards/Eurocodes for students and employees of Aarhus University. Access includes European and international standards if these have been implemented in Denmark, i.e. DS/EN’s, DS/IEC’s and DS/ISO’s.

If you’re not associated with Aarhus University, access can be obtained, if you visit in person AU Library, Katrinebjerg.

  Please note that online standards are for personal use only and all usage must comply with current copyright regulations.  The standards/publications must not be sold, copied or otherwise made available to third parties.  The standards/publications or quotations, extracts, figures or similar thereof must not in any way be published on the Internet or made available to others in an electronic format. Read more about copyright while studying.



Danish National Annexes

Should you need the Danish National Annexes in connection with the Eurocodes, they are available online at Dansk Standard.

Can I borrow Danish standards?

A large collection of Danish Standards are available for loan at AU Library, Katrinebjerg. Search library.au.dk to check availability.

At Dansk Standard you can check out which Danish standards are currently valid. Most standards include a 7 pages free preview.

Need help?

Please contact AU Library, Katrinebjerg

Descriptions of International Standards 

More information on standards from more than 300 international standard organizations such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, IEEE and ANSI is available at ILI-Sai-Global-Standards Infobase