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Subject guide for Classical Philology


On this page, you will find a selection of resources concerning Classical Philology and similar studies. You are welcome to contact us in case you need any help or if you have suggestions for additional information on the page.

Reference works

  • New Pauly Online
    Includes ‘Brill’s New Pauly’ and ‘Der Neue Pauly’ which cover the classical antiquity from the earliest Aegean cultures to the late antiquity (2nd millennium BCE until 600-800 CE).
  • Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics Online (EAGLL)
    This reference work collects the newest research in articles that covers a wide spectrum within the Ancient Greek language, e.g. grammar, inscriptions, different types of Greek, and textual interpretation.
  • Oxford Reference. Classical Studies
    Includes access to nine different reference works, e.g. The Oxford Classical Dictionary.

  • Encyclopedia of Rhetoric
    A thorough overview of rhetoric. The articles are written by leading specialists, and the reference work includes the many subject areas that rhetoric connects.

  • The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. 3.ed
    A very broad guide to antiquity and to all aspects of the surviving literature of the time period.

  • The Virgil encyclopedia
    With its about 2.200 entries of varying length, all with references, this very extensive reference work puts Virgil’s poetry into different contexts. 

Article databases

    Journal database with full-text access to leading academic journals within all subject areas. Usually, access is not granted to the most recent three to five volumes, but to all former volumes.
  • Project Muse
    Journal database with full-text access to scientific journals of the highest quality within the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • DigiZeitschriften
    Journal database which gives full-text access to prestigious scientific journals from Germany. It broadly covers philosophy, history, religion, theology, etc. New journals are continuously being added.
  • Proquest Research Library
    Journal database with a large number of scientific journals within all subject areas, most of them in full text. 



  • Gnomon Online
    References to articles and books within Classical Philology, Ancient History and Archaeology in a large number of German and international journals and anthologies. Reviews are a central part of the bibliography.
  • L’Année philologique
    The most extensive international bibliography of scientific literature about all aspects of classical Rome and Greece. The topics span from literature and languages, including early Christian texts and scripts of Church Fathers, history, art, archaeology, to numismatics, epigraphy, etc. It includes references to articles, reviews, books, and conference contributions. The bibliography is compiled by The Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique and edited by Éric Rebillard.
  • MLA international Bibliography
    References to articles and books within the literary and lingual sciences.



  • Oxford Scholarship Online/Classical Studies
  • Cambridge Companions Online
    The reference works in this series is aimed at students and consists of introductions to classical and central writers, artists, philosophers, topics, and periods.

  • Early European Books
    Access to digitalized editions of The Royal Danish Library’s collection of books printed either in Denmark or in countries related to Denmark up until the 1600s. The books can be found in several languages, including Latin, Danish, German, English, and Ancient Greek.
  • Oxford Reference Online - Premium Collection
    Grants access to a large collection of acknowledged reference works and dictionaries published by Oxford University Press. The database covers all subject areas. There is no access to the full-text version of books marked by a red padlock.

Online archives

  • Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina (BTL)
    This extensive archive grants access to the Latin editions (excluding the prefaces and critical apparatus) published in Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana since 1849.
  • Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
    A digital library of Greek literature with full-text access to all surviving Greek texts from Homer in the 8th century BCE, as well as many of the texts from the period between 600 and 1453.
  • Perseus
    Collection of the most important Greek and Latin texts, including translations and in-text links to dictionaries. NB: the texts are often of an older date, and the translations thus might be outdated.
  • Loeb Classical Library
    Grants access to the classical literature in Greek and Latin: epic and lyric poetry, tragedies, comedies, history, travel literature, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, biographies, etc. The texts are provided in their original language as well as a parallel translation into English.

  • LacusCurtius
    Greek and Latin historians etc., both in original and translated versions.
  • Bibliotheca Augustana
    Greek and Latin texts, only in their original languages.
  • Classical Latin Texts
    “A Resource Prepared by The Packard Humanities Institute”. Includes all literary Latin texts written before the year 200, as well as selected texts from the late antiquity.

New Latin

  • Brill’s Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World
    This reference work collects research of all aspects of New Latin’s extensive influence from the Renaissance to modern times in review articles (Macropaedia). Besides the review articles, which are written by leading scientists, the reference work contains 146 smaller topic postings, divided alphabetically (Micropaedia).
  • Camena – Latin Texts of Early Modern Europe
    Provides access to a rich selection of texts in German New Latin from the period between 1500 and 1800, primarily within the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Biblioteca Italiana
    Texts in Italian New Latin.
  • Neulateinische Wortliste
    “Ein Wörterbuch des Lateinischen (NLW)”. Database of the new Latin words in New Latin texts from 1300 to 1700, edited by Johann Ramminger.
  • Renæssancens sprog i Danmark
    A web-based dictionary and archive of Danish and Latin in the period between 1500 and 1700.
  • I Tatti Renaissance Library
    A monograph series published by Harvard University Press, which presents important Latin works from the Italian Renaissance. The works include both the original Latin text and the English translation.

    Other relevant subject guides

    • Klassisk arkæologi (in Danish)
    • Service locations


    Reading room 2 at Nobelparken

    Here, you will find a large collection of central works aimed specifically toward the Classical Studies. The reading room is found on the second floor, in 1461-215.

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