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Subject guide for Business Development & Technology

The content on the subject guide for Business Development & Technology is selected by liaison librarians for its relevance to business development engineers.

If you have suggestions for additional information resources, you are very welcome to contact us. 

Article databases

  • Compendex
    Articles covering all engineering subjects focusing on, amongst others: civil engineering, computer and electrical engineering, electronics, production technology and mechatronics. Contains up-to-date information on e.g., apps, webs and Industry 4.0. You get a brief summary of the articles, and references to which journals they can be found. Many articles are available in full-text.
  • ACM Digital Library
    Full-text articles from journals, papers, newsletters, conference proceedings, etc., published by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). The database covers, amongst others: computer science, electronics, electrical engineering, mechatronics, ICT, graphics, multimedia, software and programming, including apps and webs.
  • ScienceDirect
    Full-text articles from 1995 and onward from Elsevier. Covers all topics, but you have the possibility of limiting your search to engineering subjects.
  • SpringerLink
    Journals and books published by the publishing houses Springer and Kluwer. There is full-text access in most of the journals, but only in a small number of books. Covers all subjects.
  • Web of Science (WOS)
    Article database and citation index with references to articles covering all subjects. You can choose the databases that you want to search in. There is full-text access to most of the material. Because cited references are also indexed, it is also possible to find articles in which a selected author or article is cited.
  • Business Source Complete
    A key economics and business database. Covers all business-related areas, including marketing, production management, market information. Contains a large amount of academic journals and full-text articles.

Market information

  • Passport 
    Passport (previously GMID - Global Market Information Database) from Euromonitor provides information on demographics, economics, consumer trends and market conditions in more than 200 countries - most importantly it includes consumer statistics on nearly 1000 products. Also includes lifestyle reports, market reports and company reports.  


  • Espacenet
    The European Patent Office database.


Compagny databases

  • BusinessInsight 
    BusinessInsight (previously Web-direct) contains detailed information on all VAT registered companies, branches and public institutions in Denmark. Access to annual accounts from the past 5 years for more than 70,000 Danish companies.
  • Orbis
    Corporate directory, with access to 100+ million international companies. Detailed financial information, and information on ownership and mergers and acquisitions. Very advanced search and export possibilities.


Professional websites

  • McKinsey & Company
    McKinsey & Company's website
    where you can find articles with up-to-date information on, amongst other things, business development. This article concerns Industry 4.0, but other articles can be searched for. 
  • Proff.dk
    Free to use company database with some summary information on 700,000 Danish companies. (In Danish.)
  • Amino.dk
    for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. (In Danish.) Includes blogs, company stocks, events etc.
  • Virk.dk
    Here, companies can get an overview of communication with the public sector, rights, help with reports, exports, etc. (In Danish.)

Semester shelf

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