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Subject guide for Medicine

On this page you can find links to the most important databases and dictionaries for medicine. You are welcome to visit AU Library, Health Sciences if you need help finding literature.


  • PubMed
    The key source for literature within the health sector. Covers, amongst others, medicine, molecular biology, natural sciences, odontology, biology, public health, nursing science, sport science, agricultural sciences, psychology and health sciences.
  • Scopus and Web of Science
    Databases with research articles from all subject areas. In Scopus and Web of Science you can conduct citation searches to see how many times a specific article has been cited by others. It is also possible to extract the h-index for a given author, research group, institution, etc.
  • ClinicalKey
    Full-text access to over 1000 books and 500 journals. The database is designed for finding clinical answers via evidence-based literature. Covers all clinical specialities and also contains guidelines, patient information, videos, images, etc.
  • Cochrane
    The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases on medicine and other health-related specialties, published by the Cochrane Collaboration and other organisations. At its heart is the collection of Cochrane Reviews, which consist of systematic evaluations and meta-analyses that summarize and interpret results obtained via medical research.
  • Embase
    The database contains references to articles in the fields of biomedicine, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy.
  • PsycINFO
    Database of literature from the field of psychology. Contains references to literature with psychological aspects within such fields as medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, physiology, anthropology, etc.
  • More databases
    Look for more databases at The Royal Danish Library's list of databases.


  • Ordbogen.com
    Contains, among other things; Medicinsk Odontologisk ordbog, Klinisk ordbog, a Danish-English English-Danish dictionary. Contains also dictionaries and specialist dictionaries in many languages, and subject areas.


  • Ugeskrift for Læger (online)
    Journal of the Danish Medical Association. Articles in e-form, from 2002 onwards.
  • Ugeskrift for Læger
    Journal of the Danish Medical Association. Articles from 1839 and onwards.

Anatomical atlas

  • Visible Body
    Atlas with images and 3D animations.
    All modules can also be downloaded as apps via this link (you must be on AU's wifi when you download apps).


Reference management

A reference management tool can help you organize your references and use them more easily and effectively in your text documents. Students and staff at Aarhus University can freely use EndNote.


Do you know the rules about copyright, when you are studying and writing papers? Figure out how and when you can use pictures, video-recordings or other materials here.

Information seeking

We have collected some relevant information about information retrieval and on how to quickly and efficiently find the materials you need.

More for your studies

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