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Subject Guide for Philosophy and History of Ideas

In this subject guide, you will find a collection of resources concerning philosophy and history of ideas, including lists of databases, bibliographies, journals and podcasts, as well as resources concerning cognitive science and cultural studies. You are always welcome to contact us if case you need help navigating the subject guide, or if you have suggestions for additional information for the page.

Reference Works

Journal Databases

    Journal database with open full-text access to the leading academic journals within all subject areas.
    NB: it is usually not possible to access the most recent 3-5 volumes, but it is possible to access publications before that – some journals even go back to the 16th-18th centuries.
  • Journal of the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists (Brill)
    A journal and online forum centering women in philosophy. Contains access to texts, online lectures, seminars, published books etc. Funded by scholars at Paderborn University.
  • Project Muse
    Journal database with open full-text access to high quality journals within the humanities and social sciences. The database provides access to the most recent issues and sometimes to older issues (back issues) as well. Continuously updated.
  • Bibliotek.dk – Artikelsøg
    This Danish article database contains Danish newspaper and journal articles from 1945. Is continually updated.


  • Philosopher’s Index
    Index of articles, books, research reports within philosophy and other related areas of study.

  • PhilPapers
    The largest online archive for philosophy. Index of books, articles and open access archives from other websites.

  • ATLA
    One of the leading bibliographies within science of religion and theology. Direct access to online texts. Index articles, essays and reviews.

Online News Archives and Media

  • Infomedia (Only in Danish)
    Here you can find full text articles from Danish national, regional and local daily and weekly newspapers, specialist journals, magazines and news agencies. It covers the years from approximately 1990 and onwards – depending on when the specific journals and news sites started.

  • Mediestream (the site is in Danish and English)
    Mediestream provides online access to Det Kgl. Biblioteks digital collections of Danish cultural heritage. So far it covers newspapers, radio, television as well as commercials. Most of the content is in Danish, so relevant if you need to watch Danish documentaries, commercials or episodes of typical Danish drama series.
  • WayBackMachine – The Internet Archive
    Digital archive that catalogues websites over the last 20 years. Access through the search engine Wayback Machine.
  • Factiva
    Database with access to newspapers from all over the world. Partial full text access.


  • Ordbogen.com
    Web-based dictionaries which are often updated with words that the user was unable to find in the first try. Contains the most used words and expressions within the given languages and subject areas.
  • Oxford English Dictionarry (OED)
    E-books database containing a large collection of acknowledged reference works and dictionaries. Also contains a collection of quotes, illustrations, maps and historical timelines.


  • Cambridge Companions Online
    Online-versions of the acknowledged Cambridge Companions series meant for students. Contains good introductions to classical and central authors, artists, philosophers, topics and periods.

  • Ebook Central
    Ebook database with thousands of e-books in all subject areas.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
    Grants access to a wide selection of books from Oxford University Press. Only provides full-text access to the subjects that AU Library subscribes to: Classical Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Political Science, Law, Sociology, Religion, Biology, and Public Health and Epidemiology. On other subjects, access is only granted to the abstracts of the books

Reference Works for Specific Topics

Text Archives and Individual Philosophers

  • Project Gutenberg
    Project Gutenberg is an online library of more than 60.000 free eBooks. It is the world’s oldest online text archive. The archive is not monitored for errors in digitization. This means that mistakes can appear in the digitized versions of the literature.
  • InteLex Past Masters
    Ebook database the provides an array of classical works within philosophy and other areas of study. Contains works by Kant, Beauvoir, Decartes, Hegel, Kirkegaard etc.
  • The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers
    Encyclopedia for philosophical terms, concepts and phenomena as explained as it was developed by female philosphers. Each term is explained in 100-300 words. Funded by scholars at Paderborn University.
  • Oxford New Histories of Philosophy
    Online collection of book collection by Oxford University Press. Grants full text access through the Danish Royal Library. Provides essential resources for those aiming to diversify the content of their philosophy courses, revisit traditional narratives about the history of philosophy, or better understand the richness of philosophys past.
  • Calvini Opera Database
    Digital version of the Calvin-version in Corpus Reformatorum from 1863-1900.
  • Grundtvigs Værker
    An in-progress project to digitize a critical and commented version of Grundtvigs works.
  • Søren Kierkegaards Skrifter (SKS)
    The complete works of Søren Kierkegaard.
  • Supressed Histories Archives
    An independent and non-profit database of 50,000 images and 100 visual presentations, articles, photo essays, books, and videos fleshing out the cultural heritages of womxn around the world. Is not associated with a university or research centre.
  • Løgstrup Arkivet
    Overview of materials for research on Løgstrup. Includes manuscripts, published titles and secondary literature.
  • Melanchthoni Opera Database
    Digital version of the Melanchton-version of Corpus Reformatorum from 1834-1860.
  • Internet Archive
    A source for primary literature from the 19th century.
  • Marx wirklich studieren!
    Contains the complete Marx-Engelsk Werke in German. Can be downloaded.
  • Marxists Internet Archive
    Contains many of the works of Marx and Engels in English as well as full text version of a broad array of Marxist literature. Note: not accurate page numbers.
  • Marxistiske Klassikere
    Contains many of the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin in Danish. Note: not accurate page numbers.
  • Online Library of Liberty (OLL) - A collection of scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets
    Text collection of works regarding theories of the free market and individual freedoms. Contains a chronological collection of text from ancient times, to the contemporary.
  • The Open Commons of Phenomenology
    Full text works from phenomenological philosphers.
  • Perseus Digital Library
    Classic works from Plato, Aristotle and more in both Greek and English.


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