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Subject guide for Psychology

This Subject Guide page presents selected resources relevant to psychology. Contact the editors if you need help or have any suggestions for additional information on this page.

Key resources


  • PsycINFO
    The most important database within psychology and psychiatry and related areas.
    Time coverage: 1806-. Quickguide.
  • PubMed 
    Key source within the healthcare field, covers e.g. medicine, psychiatry and public health.
    Time coverage: 1966-.
  • Scopus
    Scopus is both an article database and a citation index, i.e. citation searches can be performed to see how many times a particular article has been cited by others. Interdisciplinary. Good database for interdisciplinary subjects.
    Time coverage 1960-.
  • PsycArticles
    Smaller database with full-text access to all articles from approx. 150 psychological journals published by the American Psychological Association, Canadian Psychological Association and Hogrefe & Huber. Covers a wide range of subjects within psychology. The references are also searchable in PsycINFO.
    Time coverage 1894-.
  • Eric (Educational Resources Information Center)
    Important database in the educational field.
    Time coverage: 1966-.
  • Embase
    Biomedical/pharmacological database. Strong in psychiatry and the experimental. Important supplement to PubMed, even though there is a large overlap between the two databases.
    Time coverage: 1947-..
  • Cochrane
    The Cochrane Collaboration collects, critically assesses and summarizes information on the effect of a given treatment and prevention (evidence-based) and prepares systematic reviews. The main core is the collection of Cochrane Reviews, which consist of systematic evaluations and meta-analyses of medical research.
  • PEP (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing)
    Text archive with full-text access to classic works of psychoanalytic literature, such as Freud's collected works (in German and English translation).
    Covers 1871 and onwards.
  • Business Source Complete
    Central database for management and organizational psychology.
    Time coverage: 1866-.
  • ABI Inform Global
    Central database for management and organizational psychology. The database also covers consumer behavior and corporate culture.
    Time coverage: 1971-.
  • Sociological Abstracts
    The most important sociological database. Also covers social psychology which borders on sociology and social work. Primarily English-American oriented.
    Time coverage: 1952-.
  • ProQuest Social Sciences
    Search across several "social science databases" simultaneously, including PsycINFO. The bases are also listed individually in the database list. You will get many references when you search this collection. We recommend that you use "Advanced search" and use the search field "Anywhere except full text".
    Time coverage 1960-.
  • Web of Science (WoS)
    Article database and citation index. Cross-disciplinary base with a unique subject entry to international academic literature (especially American), as it enables chain searches via the reference lists of the registered articles as well as citation searches. You can choose between 6 different bases, limit if necessary to the 'Social Science Citation Index'. Good database for interdisciplinary subjects.
    Time coverage 1900-.
  • See also the subject pages for Pædagogisk psykologi (Educational Psychology) and Generel pædagogik (General Education) at AU Library - Emdrup (in Danish).

Reference works

Here you will find a small selection of reference works and handbooks that can be useful when you need to get started on a topic, e.g. in terms of conceptual clarification, inspiration for good keywords and for finding relevant primary literature via the reference lists. Search for many more within your specific topic in the library database.


  • 10-step checklist
    How to search for information when writing your thesis.
  • Quickguide to PsycINFO.
  • AU Studypedia
    AU Studypedia contains information on studying, information seeking and how to conduct and write your university assignment.

Systematic Literature Searches

  • What is a systematic literature search?
    Here you will find general tools for building a systematic and structured search. It is not a subject-specific guide, but tools to work with your keywords and structure your search process.
  • What is a systematic review?
    See more about what characterizes and what requirements are set for a systematic review. Here you will also find suggestions for literature on preparing systematic reviews and other types of reviews.

Scandinavian resources


  • Bibliotek.dk 
    Books and journals available via Danish public and research libraries. Bibliotek.dk gives anyone registered as a user at a Danish library, the ability to order materials registered in the database (nationally).        
  • Research Portal Denmark (Danmarks Forskningsportal) (in Danish and English)
    The research portal collects and organizes data on Danish published research, e.g. scientific articles, PhD theses, conference contributions, etc.
    Data is collected from 3 large global services as well as local systems of Danish research institutions.


  • Cristin
    The Norwegian parallel to the Danish National Research Database.     
  • Idunn
    Norwegian journal articles in full-text.     
  • Nora
    Norwegian research publications: Articles, dissertations, books, research reports, theses.
  • Oria
    Here you can search through Norwegian research library resources: books, articles, journals, theses, etc.    


  • Libris
    LIBRIS is the Swedish national library, and the Swedish research and university libraries', joint library database of Swedish literature going as far back 1600: books, journals, articles, musical notes, maps, electronic material, etc.      
  • SwePub
    The Swedish parallel to the Danish National Research Database.
    References to Swedish research publications (books, chapters in books, articles, conference papers, reports, dissertations, research articles from Swedish daily news, etc.) The material comes from Swedish universities and other research institutions.
    There is full-text access in the form of open access to some of the material.    


    The database, Nordic Base of Early Childhood Education and Care, brings together new, high-quality Scandinavian research on 0-6 year old children in day care. The database is updated annually and is now updated with all studies from the period 2006-15.       

Reference management

Aarhus BSS, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences uses the APA (American Psychological Association) referencing standard for written assignments.

Video selection

The library has a small collection of psychological videos (DVD and VHS). These can only be loaned out to researchers and lecturers at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, AU; students at the department can watch the DVDs at the library by contacting one of the liaison librarians.



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Course collection

Each semester the library creates semester shelves at the library for those materials that are used in the courses. The materials are intended for copying at the library and they cannot be borrowed. You can check the library database to see if there should be a circulation copy available.

At Bartholins Allé the semester shelves for Psychology are next to the information desk on the first floor. The books are marked with a pink label.
See all titles on the semester shelves for Psychology.


Theses from the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus University.

Psychological tests

The library holds a collection of psychological tests for the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences. This collection is ONLY for use by researchers at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Science, AU; Psychology students at AU, who have passed, or are currently participating in the course Test and Evaluation Methods, can see the tests at the library. Contact one of the Psychology liaison librarians.


Do you know the rules about copyright, when you are studying and writing papers? Figure out how and when you can use pictures, video-recordings or other materials here.

Information seeking

We have collected some relevant information about information retrieval and on how to quickly and efficiently find the materials you need.

More for your studies

We have compiled the best resources for you as a student so you can get an easy overview of the services AU Library has to offer.