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Classification system


A 1     Encyclopedia

A 2     Legal philosophy and jurisprudence

A 3     Law codes and rescript collections. Law encyclopedia

A 4     Law reports and land registers 

A 5     The study of law. Case law. Propaedeutics 

A 6     Electronic data processing and IT law 

A 7     The history of law. Bibliography.

A 8     Civil law. Private law (general statute books and codes including comments) 

A 9     Civil law and private law in general

A 10   The law of capacity 

A 11   Family law 

A 12   Succession law

A 13   General law of property and obligations. Property contract. Tort law

A 14   Law of obligations - special regulations

A 15   Maritime law. Aviation law

A 16   Company law. Corporate law

A 17   Labour legislation. Law of master and servant

A 18   Insurance law

A 19   Property law. Land law.

A 20   Intellectual property right. Copyright. Patent law. Competition law

A 21   Criminal law. Criminology 

A 22   Procedural law

A 23   Constitutional law

A 24   Administrative law

A 25   Business law 

A 26   Canon law 

A 27   Tax law. Fiscal law

A 28   International conflict of laws. Private international law. International civil law, private law, procedural law, criminal law and administrative law, comparative law

A 29   Legal history

A 30   Roman law 

B        Human rights

C 1     Law of nations. Public international law.

C 2     International organizations and associations, universal 

C 3     International organizations and associations, regional 

D        Scientific journals. Periodicals

D        Large-format journals (27 cm and taller)

E         Numbered Danish reports, recommendations, white papers

F         Memorial volumes

G        Dictionaries 

Large-format books (27 cm and taller) - all fields within law