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Theses from the Department of Law at Aarhus University

Public theses handed in at the Department of Law are registered in the library database and can be searched specifically under Student Projects.

To gain access to theses and bachelor's projects, you must be logged in:

AU campus via AU Eduroam
or from home via AU's VPN
the library system as a student or employee at AU.

Theses from the period 1993-2010 can be found in printed form at the library, and you can read them at the library (not for loan).

From 2011 and onwards the theses can be downloaded in full text as a pdf-file. You can find the link to the electronic theses in the library database. 

From 2023 onwards, it is also possible to search for public bachelor's projects in the library database.

You can search for theses from the Department of Law under Student Projects by limiting the advanced search to Aarhus University and department = juridisk institut and material type = theses.