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Sprogforum: Journal of Language and Culture Pedagogy

International edition

Sprogforum: Journal of Language and Culture Pedagogy focuses on the teaching and learning of any language (as a foreign or second language) at all levels of education and in all contexts.
The national edition, which appeared for the first time in 1994, is in Danish, and it also contains articles in Norwegian and Swedish, which are similar to Danish. All issues concentrate on a specific theme, which is outlined in a foreword written by the editors.

The international edition of Sprogforum has appeared from 2012 to 2017.

It contains:

  1. A selection of the articles originally in Danish and translated into English,
  2. The articles originally in English or other languages such as Spanish,
  3. It also contains the foreword of the issue, as well as a selection of books and other materials relating to the theme. In addition, it contains English abstracts of all articles – plus abstracts in some other languages. Thus the international edition reflects the multilingual orientation of Sprogforum both in content and in language profile.

Spanish articles published by Roskilde Universitetsforlag/ Samfundslitteratur

Read abstracts, bibliographies and articles in English (published by Aarhus Universitetsforlag) in Sprogforum 55 - 65

64       Organised Language and Culture Encounters

58       Beginner Language

55      The Global Citizen

From 2018 articles in English may be published in the national edition of Sprogforum.

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