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Reusing or republishing your own work

When you reuse your own texts or illustrations in new publications you must ensure that you have permission to do so from the publisher and any co-authors. This may be relevant for translations into other languages, new versions or republication in other formats, for example in book form or as a PhD dissertation.

Start by looking at whether your publishing contract includes permission to republish texts or illustrations in other contexts, for example in your PhD dissertation. Permission may have been granted by the publisher in connection with the original publication.

Otherwise, many international journals make it easy to apply for permission to republish articles and drawings, illustrations, graphs, figures, tables, models etc. using RightsLink, which is provided by the Copyright Clearance Center

To get started, create an account and then apply for permission: 

If you are unable to apply for permission via RightsLink, contact the publisher directly in writing. It is always best to obtain written permission.