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Images and copyright

Aarhus University has signed an agreement with Copydan Visual on the use of images for teaching purposes. Images in this context should be understood broadly as art, drawings, photographs, illustrations, figures and graphs. Read the Framework agreement.

Using images in teaching

The Copydan agreement covers both printed, stand-alone images (i.e. images that are not used together with a text) and digital images that are legally available on the Internet. It allows you to:

  • copy or print images and use them for handouts or course packs.
  • scan or download images and transfer them to PowerPoint, smartboards, Brightspace, etc.

You cannot upload images to publicly accessible web pages (e.g. The Aarhus University website). Use Brightspace instead when you want to share material with your students.


The agreement does not cover images from subscription-based databases, or AU Library's e-journals and e-books. For these see materials from the Internet.

Images that are accompanied by text are not covered by the agreement. In such cases it is the agreement with Copydan Writing, you should consult. See Copying, printing and scanning.

Older works

If the image is a very old work, whose creator died more than 70 years ago, then the copyright protection has expired and, as a lecturer, you are free to use the picture.

Remember to credit the artist/photographer

The creator's name must be clearly indicated on any reuse of the image. The image cannot be greatly altered or reproduced in a way that violates the creator’s rights.

AU image databases

Remember that you can also take advantage of Aarhus University’s image database Cumulus and the image database Colourbox. See more on the staff portal.