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Lockers at AU Library

Borrow a locker at the library

You have the possibility of borrowing a locker at many of the libraries in AU Library. How to find and loan the lockers varies from library to library.

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus

  • Number: 100 large and 140 small lockers.
  • Lending time: Unlimited (advance warning will be given if the lockers need to be emptied).
  • Location: In the basement.
  • Guide: You lock the lockers with a password of your own choosing - a more detailed guide can be found by the lockers themselves.
  • Note: Emptying of the lockers will usually be done at the end of the semester, but can also occur at other times. Advance notification will be posted by the lockers, before this happens. The contents of emptied lockers will, for a period of time, be available for collection at the Information Desk. After which they will be sent to lost property.

Bartholins Allé

  • Number: 200 lockers with keys, which you can borrow free of charge.
  • Lending time: 
    • The red lockers: Can be loaned for 2 months.
    • The white, blue and yellow lockers: Can be loaned for 6 months.
  • Location:
    • The red, white, blue and yellow lockers: Building 1351/floor 1.
  • Guide:
    • Locker loan is managed through the library system and, thus, requires you to have been registered as a library user. 
    • The lockers are administered by the library, so loans and returns are managed by the staff at the Information Desk. 
    • Loan extension is not possible and it is not possible to reserve lockers either.
    • Your locker loan status can be seen on your library user status. If the due date is exceeded, the locker will be emptied and any library books will be returned. The contents of emptied lockers are kept for 6 months and may be collected by contacting the Information Desk.
    • When you borrow a locker with a key, the conditions of loan are the same as for a book. This means that if you lose the key, you will be responsible for covering the costs of the locksmith (+new lock and key).
    • Storing food in the lockers is not permitted.


  • Number:160 lockers.
  • Lending time: Lockers can be borrowed for six months. They cannot be renewed online, but only by contact with the library's desk in Emdrup
  • Location: The lockers are located in the basement in the 24/7 area.
  • Guide:
    • Only students at DPU, Copenhagen can borrow loackers, and you can only borrow one locker at a time.
    • You can order and/or book lockers yourself or contact the information desk to find out whether there are vacancies.
    • If you have made a reservation, you will be notified when there is a vacant locker, and then you pick up the key at the information desk.
    • Renewal of lockers is only possible if there are no other reservations on lockers.
    • Lockers only for students at DPU, Copenhagen, and you can only borrow one locker at a time.
    • If you lose the key to your locker, you must replace it. It costs DKK 300. If you hand in the key too late, the library's fee rules for material submitted will be followed cf. the library's regulations. It is your responsibility to hand in the key on time. A reminder will be sent out.
    • Material from the Library's collections MUST be checked out to you before you put it in the locker. You will be excluded from borrowing materials in the library if this rule is not complied with! The library does not assume any responsibility for materials, values, etc. in the lockers. In the event of breach of the loan rules, the library reserves the right to empty the lockers.
    • Don't keep food in the lockers.

Fuglesangs Allé


  • Number: 18
  • Lending time: You can borrow the lockers on a day-to-day basis.
  • Location: Building 1582. The lockers are located in the foyer, as you enter the library
  • Guide: In each individual locker you can find a key with a key ring, which you can use while you are in the library. You cannot reserve the lockers

Other lockers

  • Number: 2 x 12
  • Lending time: You can borrow a key to a locker at the library - in our library system. Lending time is 4 weeks
  • Location: Building 1581. The lockers are placed in the building next to the library in room 217 (for all students) and room 311 + 319 (for students working on their Master's thesis)


  • Number: 33
  • Lending time: No time limit.
  • Location: The lockers are located in building 4230, in room 118.
  • Guide: The lockers can be used while they are available - on an ad hoc basis. The lockers are coin operated.

Nobel Park

  • Number: 500+
  • Lending time: Unlimited.
  • Location: In the library and in building 1482 and 1483.
  • Guide: The lockers are managed by Arts Building Service.


  • Number: There are a number of lockers in the Victor Albeck building, administered by the Medicine Students’ Council.
  • Lending time: One semester.
  • Location: Located in the Victor Albeck building on the third Floor.
  • Guide: The lockers are administered by the Medicine Students’ Council and not the AU Library - read more about the lockers and how you can obtain one (in Danish).