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Relaxation areas at AU Library

Find a place to unwind

If you need a place where you can sit and relax, perhaps escape from the textbooks for a little while, AU Library has "relaxation areas", where you can unwind.

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus

  • Number: Five different areas
  • Location:
    • Newly opened area in the basement offers couches, mindfulness space, playstation, table tennis and table football.
    • Ground floor with canteen and café area equipped with couches and access to newspapers and magazines
    • 1st floor, couches in the corridor connecting Study Zone East and the toilet.
    • 2nd floor, lounge area, in the Rotunda on the 2nd floor, with soft furniture.
    • Sofa groups on the 2nd floor, to the right of the stairs and across the Rotunda

Bartholins Allé

  • Number: 1 area.
  • Location: Building 1340, floor 3.
  • Guide: Refer to the guidelines for the use of the room, which you can find in the room itself.


  • Number: 1 area.
  • Location: Building 5335, the library, 1st floor.
  • Note: 2 sofas and 4 armchairs with small tables, please note that the area can also be used as a study area.

Nobel Park

Couches and armchairs

  • Location: placed on the ground floor and in the basement in building 1461


  • Number: 1 break area.
  • Location: Building 1265, 3rd floor.
  • Note: 3 sofas (with space for a total of 9 people).