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Large screens/projectors at AU Library

Borrow a large screen or projector

Do you or your study group need to work on a larger screen? If so, many of our libraries offer the opportunity to use either the large screens or projectors for making your teamwork easier. 

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus

  • Number: 12
  • Lending time: The screens can be used throughout library opening hours. The three large screens in the teaching rooms can only be used if the rooms are not booked for other use.
  • Location: There are four screens in the niches in the large public area in the main entrance hall to the left of the canteen. There is one screen in each of the five group work rooms on the first floor, which can be connected to a computer (can be booked). Three very large screens in Seminar 1 and Seminar 2 in the basement, which are available to all library users when not being used for teaching.
  • Guide: The screens in the entrance hall and in the group work rooms on the first floor can be connected via HDMI input to your PC - cables can be found behind the screen, which can be pulled out and connected to your computer. The large screens that can be found in the basement allow the possibility of connecting one of the library PCs via the application Airtame which is installed on all computers.

Bartholins Allé

  • Number: 3
  • Location: Building 1351, 1st floor.
  • Guide: Cannot be booked in advance.

Campus Emdrup

  • Number: 9
  • Lending time: Large screens cannot be reserved, and are used on an ad hoc basis
  • Location: There are 1, located in the group work room at the library. Furthermore, they are located  around the library primarily in the lower floor
  • Guide: It is possible to connect both PCs and Macs to the screens


  • Number: 1 (30”)
  • Lending time: Cannot be reserved
  • Location: The screen is located between two study areas in the library. If necessary. shared use – or just as an extra screen for one person


  • Number: 2
  • Lending time: Cannot be reserved. Operate on an ad hoc basis
  • Location: In the library, by the group work rooms


  • Number: 2.
  • Lending time: By agreement. Teaching staff have priority.
  • Location: The projectors can be obtained from the staff at the library.
  • Guide: The projectors cannot be reserved online, but can be reserved by asking a member of staff.

Nobel Park

  • Number: 6
  • Location: Building 1461-1463. In the group work rooms on the second floor.
  • Guide: Cannot be reserved. It is possible to connect PCs to the screens.

Health Sciences

  • Number: 5
  • Location: Projectors can be found in the group work rooms on the 2nd floor (in the hallway at the Blue Auditorium). Read more about room booking.