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Programme for The 12th Nordic Law Libraries Conference

Pre-meeting for law firms - Wednesday 8 June, 2022


In relation to The 12th Nordic Law Libraries Conference there will be a private session for Nordic law librarians/information specialists etc. where law firms can share new ideas, trends, opportunities and thoughts. DLA Piper will host the session at their office at the top floor of Dokk1. After the session we will take the train (letbane)/bus to the conference.

For registration or questions – contact Christina.joenby@dk.dlapiper.com
DLA Piper
DOKK1 Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, Niveau 3
8000 Aarhus C

For those who wants to see the Dokk1, please check opening hours.

Wednesday 8 June, 2022


Check-in and lunch in ”Stakladen”


Welcome and practical information

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Guided tour at Campus AU and Det Kgl. Bibliotek, Aarhus




Legal e-book platforms – status and perspectives

Opening speech by Mads Bryde Andersen

In his presentation professor Mads Bryde Andersen, who is the creator of the legal e-book platform jurabog.dk, will talk about practical, financial and copyright related perspectives that are related to the development of legal e-book portals. He will relate to the use of e-book resources and look at the librarian aspects of this development.

This presentation will be in Danish.

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Reception at "ARoS

Thursday 9 June, 2022


Today's programme


Visibility and branding of the library through the eyes of a librarian

Presentation by Helle Brink

In her presentation Helle will as a point of departure use her own reflections upon why visibility and branding continues to be necessary issues to address in the library sector.
Her approach to visibility and branding in the presentation will be on how we as librarians through our knowledge and skills can help brand the library.

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Visibility and digital transformation in a law firm

Presentation by Christina Jønby.

Christina Jønby has worked at DLA Piper since 2021 and one of her responsibilities is to set the direction for the digital journey and the digital transformation. Christina acts as a link between IT and business and must assess which digital services DLA Piper should implement and how to make the solutions acquired come to life within the business. Christina will outline how to drive and facilitate legal tech solutions and maintain visibility while ensuring that colleagues and other internal stakeholders join the digital journey during the transformation.




How will AI influence law libraries and librarians in the coming future?

Presentation by Hilde Westbye.

Outline of Hilde Westbye's presentation: 

  • The global AI landscape of LegalTech
  • What is happening in the Nordic countries with LegalTech? 
  • Focus on some AI tools relevant for law libraries and key concepts in these technologies 
  • What is happening (with AI) in legal education - EdTech in law? 
  • How are libraries responding to the implementation of AI  

What skills (and competences) will law librarians need?

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AI-powered software for literature searching: What is the potential in the context of the University Library?

Presentation by Solveig Sandal Johnsen.

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Lunch (and mingling) in "Stakladen"


Posters and Pitches


Break and workshops: Law Firms, University Libraries, Courts and Parliaments


Conference dinner at "Det glade Vanvid"

Friday 10 June, 2022


The digital transformation – perspectives from within Danish legal educations

Presentation by Per Andersen.

In his presentation professor Per Andersen will address how the digital transformation is handled from a pedagogical, a professional, and an academic perspective within the Danish legal educations. Based on his experiences with educational management, teachers’ competences and competency development as well as the legal employers’ demand for digital skills, he will discuss how and to what degree libraries can support the competency development of law students.

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Rounding up and presentations from the workshops. The baton is passed on


Get hold of your lunch bag


Thanks and goodbye


Walk to "Den Gamle By"


Lunch (lunch bag)


Guided tour in "Den Gamle By"