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Conference themes

Themes at The 12th Nordic Law Libraries Conference

The conference themes put forward this year can be divided into two main areas:

1. Law exercised in a digital context

Digital skills, including the use of robots, are becoming more and more a part of everyday life in law firms.

At the conference we will focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will influence Law, and we will look at the role of the law librarian with regard to the AI trend within the field. 
Should libraries take part in the adoption of AI?
How do we deal with these new opportunities?

2. Visibility and the role of the Law Library 

An indisputable but often underrated element of the role of the librarian is the task of marketing the library.  
This has many names: Buzzwords like visibility, marketing, promotion, outreach, branding and so on. Some libraries have explicit marketing strategies and work systematically to raise awareness, both towards management and towards users or even non-users.

Other libraries address these matters alongside, and in combination with, their primary tasks. In recent years libraries have experienced a growing financial imperative to justify their existence.

The conference theme will look into different channels for promotion or conducting branding strategies, taking into account that most libraries lack many of the resources required for such undertakings. After all, what good is a library if the users do not know about it or the manager are not aware of the value of library services. 

Contact the planning committee

Planning committee 2022: 

  • Bo Søgaard Jensen: bsj@kb.dk  
  • Marianne Tind Kristensen: mtkr@kb.dk  
  • Inger Barnechow: ibha@kb.dk  
  • Solveig Sandal Johnsen: ssjo@kb.dk  
  • Henrik Tvermoes: hetv@kb.dk  
  • Trine F. Søndergaard: tfs@kb.dk