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Reading List Service - Aarhus Bss

What is the Reading List Service?

As a lecturer at Aarhus BSS you can make use of the Reading List Service.

The Reading List Service we offer consists of AU Library generating a finished Reading List, in pdf form, on the basis of your literature/study plan, as well as the purchase of print and electronic copies of the syllabus literature in book form.

A Reading List from AU Library is a list of verified references to the syllabus literature, including validated links to any electronic resources.

The Reading List Service is composed of:

  • A review of the literature on your literature/study plan, in which we check each reference in relation to our agreements with Copydan, as well as any licensing agreements with Danish and international publishers.
  • Ensuring access to electronic resources. Where possible, we link to articles in electronic journals or e-books via AU Library and ensure that any links to the syllabus literature actually work, whether the user is on or off campus.
  • Purchase of books from the syllabus to add to the library collection, to ensure there is always access to at least one copy. This could be in printed form or as an e-book.
  • A Reading List in pdf format, in a uniform layout, with references to the syllabus literature and possible links to sources in electronic form.

Why should I use the Reading List Service?

  • You save time checking through your syllabus literature in regard to copying, scanning, linking, uploading, etc.
  • We make sure that all links work - even outside the campus.
  • Your students can be given access to a semester shelf with the syllabus literature in book form.

Semester shelves

If you are unable to scan and upload some elements of the syllabus to Brightspace due to CopyDan Agreement restrictions on scanning - we can provide help, perhaps in the form of a semester shelf.

Contact one of the librarians affiliated with your department for further information.