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  • An overview of all the different resources that AU Library offer, and how you gain access to them

Popular resources

Articles and journals

We give you a quick way to search through articles and journals, that AU Library has access to. If you need something that we do not currently have, please contact us - and we will get it for you.


Find the different databases, that AU Library has access to, and gain direct access to all the resources.

Books & e-books

AU Library has access to a vast amount of e-books, both through our search interface, but also through a series of other databases, which we have bought access to, and you can discover here.


Where can you read todays newspapers, and how do you get electronic access to danish and international newspaper-databases? We can help you with that.

Student projects

Information about a large amount of the student projects (theses, Master's theses, bachelor projects) handed in through the years at Aarhus University, in a vide range of different subject areas, can be found here.


AU Library offers online access to all danish standards and links to desciptions of international standards. Ask at your library if you need help.


AU Library can help you to find danish and international patents. Ask at your library if you need help.

More resources

Music & notes

AU Library has access to a large amount of published music. It is also possible to copy notes to if these are to be used by yourself, and, finally, it is, in some cases, possible to buy some music of an older date.

Radio/TV & commercials

Researchers, employees and students at Aarhus University can through AU Library gain access to Mediestream, and through that reach a large amount of radio and TV-programs. Furthermore, AU Library offers several other digital resources.

Special collections (in Danish)

AU Library and Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus has a range of unique and special collections of materials and resources, which you, as a user at AU Library, can gain access to.


The Case Centre gives you the opportunity - through their database - to search for cases in business and management.