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When will the material be available and where to pick it up?

When will the material be available?

The processing time depends on where the material you have ordered is located – and where you have chosen to pick it up. You will receive an email when it is ready for collection. Note that the deadline for collecting the material is also stated in the email. The deadline cannot be changed. If you do not pick up the material, we will put it back in place on our shelves, or lend it to the next user waiting for it.

Ready for pick up

You will find a pick up number and a pick up location in the email you receive when the ordered material is ready for collection. You must use the pick up number when you collect the material. The material is available on the pick up shelf for eight weekdays.

Where do I pick up the material?

When you order a material, you decide where you want to collect it. This could be any library in AU Library. At most libraries at Aarhus University, it is possible to pick up the books yourself, and it is usually faster than ordering from the website. In our search interface, material that is available in a library where you can pick it up yourself will be marked 'Available'.