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Study and reading

Study and reading areas

We have many study areas distributed across the different libraries. Find a study seat at one of our libraries.

Quiet study seats

For those who need peace in which to work. Some of the quiet study areas do not permit the use of laptops. Read more about where you can find quiet study seats, and what the individual rules of use are.

Group work rooms

Here your study group can find a room in which to work together. These study areas are reserved for group work and cannot be used by individual students. All group work rooms are equipped with a large screen or projector.

Thesis study spaces

Your thesis study seat is your personal workspace during the thesis writing period. There are special guidelines for thesis study seats. As a thesis student affiliated with Arts or BSS, you can apply for a thesis study seat.  

Food and drink

If you need to take a break from your studies and are looking for a place to eat your food or a quiet corner to gather your thoughts with a cup of coffee, AU Library can offer access to kitchen facilities, coffee vending machines and café areas.

24/7 access

Would you like get access to the library after closing time? As a student, you can get 24/7 access to buildings at AU, if you have an affiliation to the location. It is your student card which functions as the key card to the buildings. It must, however, be activated in order to function as a keycard.


AU Library has 16 different libraries, which can be freely used by students and staff at Aarhus University. Each library offers various means to help you immerse yourself in your studies, and several make it possible to use the library's facilities 24/7.

Opening Hours

You can see all our opening hours at the individual libraries, so that you know exactly when it is possible to make use of the library’s facilities.

All facilities

AU Library offers many different facilities at our libraries. For example, when you are in need of food and drink, a game of table football or just a quiet corner in which to gather your thoughts. Read more about the many facilities offered at AU Library.