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Frans van der Woude

Frans van der Woude (born 1957) is a Dutchman by birth. Already at the age 18 he was admitted to the Dutch Academy of Fine Arts. Because of his young age he was advised to go out into the world and gain some experience. First, he travelled to Norway where he took to organic farming.

Art was not completely set aside, though it was now on architecture that he focused much of his attention.10 years ago Frans arrived in Denmark, where he resumed the teaching of painting and drawing. He describes himself as self-taught.

Frans is fascinated by the human figure, body and psyche, which are recurring motifs in his work, he also works with a very limited palette of tempera colours. He strives for simplicity, which when layered can appear ambiguous.

In the spring of 2011, in connection with his education as "Kunstgrebsinnovatør" [Innovator of Artistic Concepts] Frans has worked together with the library staff on the concept of "hostmanship". During his tenure, Frans has been continually drawn to the 2 light-shafts in the library's new building. These 2 spaces piqued his curiosity to such a degree that they have now resulted in the artwork "Silence I & II". A work which references the library, silence and the desire for reflection.

If you would like to know more about the Kunstgreb [Artistic concept] please visit their website.

Silence I

Silence II