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A brief history of the library

A brief history of the library

Aarhus University Library, School of Business and Social Sciences, Bartholins Allé is one of 3 libraries within School of Business and Social Sciences. The libraries, witch are located at Bartholins Allé, Fuglesangs Allé and Herning, form part of Aarhus University Library. AU Library was established June 13, 2012, and is reorganising the former 20 libraries at the university into a new unit in close cooperation with Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus.

The library at Bartholins Allé (formerly named the Library of Social Sciences at Aarhus University) was established on 1 January 2010 when the libraries at the School of Law, School of Economics and Management, Department of Psychology and Department of Political Science were merged into one joint library.

The academic fields and their libraries - in short

Aarhus University was founded in 1928, and the social sciences formed part of Aarhus University from the very beginning: The teaching in economics and law began in September 1936, and you could complete a full degree in economics already in 1940, but it was not possible to actually graduate in law until 1950. The first students in political science were enrolled in 1958 and the first group of Master's students graduated in 1964. The first students in psychology were enrolled in 1968/69 and the first four graduates in psychology qualified in 1973/74.

Initially, there were no libraries at any of the social science departments. Instead the professors would keep their own private collections of books in their offices. The first major book collection granted to Aarhus University was Professor Franz Dahl's "jurisprudential, economic and socio-educational library", and this collection of thousands of books formed the basis for the future library at the School of Law. Franz Dahl's Ex Libris can still be found on the cover of many of these old books, and there is also a memorial tablet near the main stairs in the library. The library of political science was established in 1962, and in 1967 it was moved to the departments buildings in the university park. The classification system was developed by professor Erik Rasmussen and is still in use today. The library at psychology was set up in 1973, and these first premises could hold 9,000 books and 260 journals.