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Until 01.06.2024 all employees at Aarhus University are granted access to the "KB Document Service"

Royal Danish Library makes it easier for you as an AU employee to access the materials you need – when you need them. Until 01.06.2024 all AU employees can order and receive digital copies of articles, book chapters and other items to which they do not already have direct digital access.

What is the KB Document Service?  

KB Document Service is a pilot project managed by Royal Danish Library. Royal Danish Library and external document service partner, Reprints Desk, make it possible to obtain digital copies of materials to which users do not immediately have direct access. Reprints Desk processes orders made via the KB Document Service and delivers the materials to staff at AU.  

How can you make use of the service as an employee at AU? 

  • You have to log in to the library system at Royal Danish Library in order to make use of the service. 
  • If you find a source in our library system that you are interested in but to which you do not have direct access, you can activate an order via the KB Document Service directly from the source record which is the description of the material in our library system.  
  • You will need to fill out a form in which you must submit your AU email. We only deliver to the university's email domain. We will reject your order if you provide email addresses associated with other email domains, such as Gmail. 
  • The ordered material will be delivered to you by email with a link to download the material. 
  • The material may be shared internally at the university, within the framework of the university's agreement with Copydan Tekst og Node (in Danish).  
  • NOTE: This ONLY applies to material ordered and delivered via the document service. It is NOT a general rule.  
  • You can activate the link to download 2 times – then it will become invalid.  

If you have any questions relating to the KB document service, please send them to dokumentservice@kb.dk