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About AU Library, Katrinebjerg

AU Library, Katrinebjerg is service location for subjects at Arts and Science & Technology: covering the academic fields of Media, Culture and IT, Computer Science, Engineering, and Molecular Biology and Genetics. The library can be use by everyone. 

You can search the library’s collection via the library database, which is common to all Aarhus University Library’s service locations (including Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus).  You can filter your search so that you only see materials that are placed at AU Library, Katrinebjerg.

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You are welcome to suggest a title for AU Library, Katrinebjerg. Contact the staff or send an e-mail to katrinebjerg.library@au.dk

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Other utilities for writing assignments - In Danish


2017.05.17 | AU Library, Katrinebjerg

AU Library Katrinebjerg merges with AU Library Navitas

The AU Library service location at Navitas is closing at the end of June, and the library staff, books and journals will be moved to Katrinebjerg

2016.09.15 | Staff

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