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Reference management for researchers

  • Cite your sources correctly

Why is reference management relevant to me?

Managing references is highly relevant to researchers. To manage your references is to organize the sources you are working with and to cite them correctly in your research publications.

Citing your sources correctly can prevent you from plagiarising and help you to protect other people’s copyright.

In Denmark researchers are expected to follow the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. This to ensure trustworthiness, high integrity in research and quality in Danish research through commonly agreed principles and standards for responsible conduct of research.

If you choose to use a reference management tool you can optimize your time for research. The tool will handle most of the process of managing your references for you automatically.

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Reference management tools

Make handling your references easy - use a reference management tool!

Employees and students at AU are able to use the following tools - for free: RefWorks and EndNote.
AU Library supports these tools.

EndNote RefWorks
Web application
Desktop application
Plugin for MS Word
Plugin for Open Office
Windows/Mac operating system
Unlimited Storage
Share database

Standardes/output styles

Regardless of you handling your sources manually or using a reference management tool you have to choose a method or a standard for how your references will appear in your research publication.

An output style defines which information your references and your citations will include. The style also defines how this information will be presented in your written work - both in the running text or in the footnotes and in the bibliography.

There are a lot of different styles. As a researcher you often have to follow specific styles according to the journal you are writing an article to. Otherwise the publisher has usually published a guide on how to cite references in your article. 

Examples of styles: 

AU related matters

  • Arts, Department of Education: the department uses American Psychological Association (APA) standard in written assignments. Read more
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