Educational Anthropology


Educational anthropology concerns itself with analysing cultural relations and social processes in educational contexts (or in an educational perspective). Through ethnographical studies, people’s perspectives, actions, and relations are analysed as they are shaped and reflected in everyday life and outside institutions.

Good places to start - key sources

Work of reference


    • Anthrosource
      Journal base with full-text access to American Anthropological Associations publications within anthropology, ethnography, and archeology. All volumes are there.
    • Anthropology Plus
      The most comprehensive bibliography within anthropology. It is a merging of the bibliographies Anthropological Literature from Harvard University and Anthropological Index from Royal Anthropological Institute. It indexes journals, books, rapports, anthologies, and obituaries. It covers the period from the late 1800s to today. All key journals are indexed with a long line of less familiar publications from the whole world.
    • Scopus
      Scopus covers health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and increasingly also the humanities (especially European humanities and medical anthropology).
    • Web of Science
      Web of Science (WoS) is an article base and a citation index with references to articles within all fields of studies. It contains bases such as: • Science Citation Index Expanded • Social Sciences Citation Index • Arts & Humanities Citation Index.
    • ProQuest Social Sciences Journals
      Searches in twenty databases with the social sciences.
    • Sage Journals
      E-journal base with scientific, peer reviewed journals within the social science, the humanities, the natural sciences, and the technical sciences. There is access to the journals from the newest volumes while it varies from journal to journal as to how far back the access is granted.

    • See also - Fagside for Statskundskab.

    Main sources for knowledge

        Denmark’s national library base. It contains references to all the Danish public libraries’ and research libraries’ materials.
      • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Centre)
        The most comprehensive educational and pedagogical bibliography in the world with reference to journal articles, books, conference papers etc. within all of the disciplines of education and other educational related literature.
      • PsycINFO
        International Base. References to publications within psychology as well as publications with psychological aspects within disciplines like medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, anthropology, economy, and law. There is full-text access to articles from PsycArticles.
      • Scopus
        Wide database that covers all fields of study. Scopus is both an article base and a citation index. Scopus indexes more journals than any other base, and the very comprehensive index and post process of cited articles make Scopus a good alternative to more specialized data bases. Scopus covers health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and increasingly also the humanities (especially European humanities and medical anthropology).
      • WorldCat
        International library database (incl. Danish, Norwegian, and German publications). Here, you search in more than 10.000 libraries in the world.

        Additional Sources

          • Bibsys
            The collective library catalogue for the Norwegian university libraries, the national library and a line of special libraries.
          • DIVA
            DIVA portal is a collective search engine for research publications and student assignments that are produced at thirty educational institutions in Sweden and Norway.
          • FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank
            The bibliography FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank refer to articles, books, chapters of books, “grey material”, and online documents within all areas of pedagogy and theory of education internationally. The content is mainly German and there is full-text access to the majority of it. The base is updated regularly.
          • JSTOR
            Journal base with full-text access to leading academic journals within all fields of study. There is usually not access to the three to five latest volumes but generally for all other volumes. In few journals’ cases, there is access to journals dating back to the 1600-1800s.
          • Libris
            The Swedish research and special libraries’ collection of books and journals etc.
          • NIFU
            Nordic institute for studies of innovation, research, and educational research areas contains the whole Norwegian educational political area – from undergraduate programmes to further education to scholarship, innovation, and skill development in the workforce. NIFU has the responsibility for production, analysis and mediation of statistics and indicators for the collective Norwegian Research and Development and innovation system. NIFU publishes Research and Development statistics for the Nordic countries yearly, and it produces statistic about PhD theses and doctorates in the North and the Baltic countries.   
          • Nord Forsk
            An organ under Nordic Minister Council that finances Nordic research collaboration and gives advices and inputs to Nordic research politics.
          • Norwegian Open Research Archives (NORA)
            NORA began in 2004 with a partnership between the university libraries at UiO, UiB, NTNU, and UiT. Through the means from Norwegian Digital Library in the years 2005-2007, the collaboration was extended to include 5 folk high schools, and today NORA is aiming to embrace all institutions in the University and Folk High School sector as well as the research institutions outside the University and Folk High School sector. Since 2008, NORA has received financing from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. 
          • OAPEN Library
            Publication library with free access to a limited amount of books within the humanities and social sciences.
          • SwePub
            Academic publications from Swedish universities. Searches in academic articles, conference papers, dissertations etc.
          • Web of Science (ISI)
            Article base and a citation index med references to articles within all fields of study. It contains these five bases:
            • Science Citation Index Expanded
            • Social Sciences Citation Index
            • Arts & Humanities Citation Index
            • Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science
            • Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Social Science & Humanities


            • Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research
              Collects, analyses, and distributes results about research on pedagogical and educational areas.
            • Eurostat
              EU’s statistics organization that controls the member countries’ statistics.
            • EVA
              Denmark’s appraisal institute is an independent stately institute under the ministry of education. EVA works with appraisal and quality development – from public day-care facilities to further education.
            • Infomedia
              Newspaper database with Danish newspapers and magazines.
            • VIVE – The Danish Centre of Applied Social Science
              VIVE is an independent analyses and research centre working within all major welfare fields.

            • School Psychology Resources Online
              English – American homepage about school psychologists.
            • SFI - Det nationale forskningscenter for velfærd
              The social research institute is a sectoral research institute under the social ministry which contributes with socially relevant and user-oriented research within social relations including work-related, economical, and family-related relations as well as other national and international social conditions and significant features of development for the population’s living conditions.
            • Skolerådet
              Independent council in Denmark whose purpose it is to follow, evaluate and council the minister for Children and Education about the quality in the public school and youth education. The school committee consists of a chairmanship which currently counts five member and twenty-one additional members from a line of central interests groups from the public school and youth education area.
            • Skolporten
              Information surveillance of current Swedish school news, the newest school research, and conferences.
            • The Directorate of Social Affairs
              The Directorate of Social Affairs is a part of the ministry for Children, Equality, Integration, and Social Relations whose task it is to contribute actively to a knowledge based social policy


                • DISKURS: Københavns Universitets digitale specialesamling.
                  You can use the collection if you want information about a certain topic or as an inspiration to see how others have written their master thesis. At this current time, the collection contains theses from various faculties incl. SAMF. Please notice that DISKURS is not fully covered since it is voluntary whether or not the students have handed in their thesis electronically.
                • Ph.d. disputations at Syddansk University
                  A list over appointed disputations at The Faculty of Humanities at Syddansk University.
                • Studentertrapporter og specialer på Roskilde Universitetsbibliotek
                  The library dispose of a collection of more than 21.000 printed student rapports and roughly 5.000 electronic student rapports from all degree courses since 1972/73. The collection of printed student rapports can be found at RUB.
                • Student projects at Aalborg University Library
                  Aalborg University’s project library works as an online publication of digital editions of master projects and theses from the whole university and promote these projects as informative products from AAU. From June 2008, all disputations from Aalborg University are registered and made visible in The Digital Project Library: Bachelor, professional bachelor, masters/MBA, and master degrees. Master projects can be found and downloaded in full-text while those projects that are marked as confidential are not publically available.


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