Study carrels at AU Library

If you are a student at AU - and affiliated to Arts or Aarhus BSS - you can apply for a thesis study carrel.

Your carrel will be your personal study seat throughout the thesis writing period.

In addition to these permanent study seats, alternative study areas can be found across the AU Library. Individual faculties may also be offering additional study carrel possibilities for thesis writers.

Facts about the seats

  • Permanent study seat in a quiet reading room.
  • Personal locker.
  • Kitchen.
  • 24/7 access.
  • 113 seats in Tåsingegade and 139 at Trøjborg for Arts Students.
  • 44 seats at AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé for Aarhus BSS students.

How are the seats allocated?

  • You can apply for a seat in the spring or autumn semesters.
  • We draw lots from among the applicants after the deadline has passed.
  • If you do not receive a seat at this point, you will be placed on a waiting list and offered a seat if a vacancy appears during the semester.
  • First-time applicants have priority.
  • Applications are processed continuously
  • Period:1 January - 31 May and 1 July - 31 December. Study Centre Arts will manage the seats
  • Application deadline: 15 January and 15 August.
  • Period: 5 February - 1 July and 1 September - 31 January.

Other thesis study carrels at AU

Arts, Aarhus

[Translate to English:] Udover de pladser, som fordeles af AU Library, Nobelparken, er der også mulighed for specialeplader på:



Arts, Emdrup

[Translate to English:] AU Library, Emdrup tilbyder ikke faste specialepladser, men derimod læsepladser. 

Læs mere om læsepladser på AU Library, Campus Emdrup


[Translate to English:] AU Library har ikke specialepladser for studerende. Se på din studieportal, hvilke tilbud fakultetet har til dig.

Science & Technology

AU Library does not offer permanent study seats for students at Science & Technology, but you are welcome to use the study seats or other facilities at the service locations or see at the study portal what services the faculty offers you.

Other possibilities

Study areas

Most of our service locations offer a space to study. Several of them even have dedicated reading rooms where a bare minimum of noise is allowed. Find the ideal place for you to study.