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Sharing material


As a student, you have access to a number of databases, e-journals and e-books. You may send a direct link to, for example, an article from one of the university’s e-journals, to your fellow students. Links on BlackboardRead more on how to make links. You may also link to material that is legally, publicly available on the Internet. 

Photocopying and scanning

You may not copy for more than one fellow student. You may not share scanned material with your fellow students, unless your lecturer has asked you to use the material in the context of the teaching (e.g. it is specified on the course curriculum.) In which case, you may share the material on Blackboard, but not on Facebook, Dropbox, or similar platforms. It is important to be aware that you are subject to the same restrictions on photocopying and scanning as your lecturer is.

PDFs you have downloaded from AU Library's website

If you have downloaded material from a database, an e-journal or an e-book, which you only have access to via AU Library, you must be aware of the licensing agreement that exists between the publisher and AU Library. Some publishers allow you to share content via Blackboard. See a list of these publishers.

If the material is not published by a publisher who allows sharing, according to the list, then you may not share it via Blackboard or distribute it by any means.

Remember you must always specify the source, whether you link, scan or upload material to Blackboard.

Uploading to social media

Many use social media platforms, such as Facebook, as a method of sharing and uploading teaching materials related to study. This might, for example, be articles, etc., which you have access to through the agreements that apply to Aarhus University.

It is often a violation of copyright law to share material through Facebook. This applies even if the audience is a closed group. On the other hand it is usually legal to share material on Blackboard, as long as you follow the rules that we have outlined above.