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Good places to start - key sources

Reference Works


Article Databases

  • Research Library 1971
    This reference database provides mostly full-text access to a wide range of scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, and magazines among others linguistics.
    Journal database with full-text access to the leading journals within all subject areas. Usually it is not possible to access the most recent 3-5 volumes, but it is possible to access publications before that.
  • Project Muse
    Journal database with full-text access to high quality journals within the humanities and social science. The database provides access to the most recent issues and sometimes to older issues (back issues) as well.


  • Language and Linguistics Compass
    Language and Linguistics Compass is an online-only journal publishing original, peer-reviewed surveys of current research from across the entire discipline e.g. cognitive science of language, pragmatics and semantics and sociolinguistics.



  • KorpusDK
    KorpusDK is a digital reference work providing insight into the Danish language, as well as showing how Danish has been used in common texts around the years of 1990 and 2000.


    Web-based dictionaries that are often updated with words that the user could not find in the first try. Contains the most used words and expressions within the given languages and subject areas.
    A website that gives access to free Danish on-line dictionaries and text corpora.

  • Ordbog over det danske Sprog (ODS)
    With about 250.000 words, expressions and terms from 1700 ontil 1950 is ODS Denmark’s  most comprehensive dictionary.
  • Gyldendals ordbøger
    Electronical access to Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger (Gyldendal’s Red Dictionaries). The online dictionaries are expansions of the printed versions of the dictionaries. Includes access to English-English dictionaries from for instance Oxford University Press.

Translation Studies

  • Handbook of Translation Studies (HTS)
    HTS is an extensive reference work in the research field of translation and interpretation covering topics such as translation theory and history, intercultural communication, adaptation, interpretation and terminology.
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies
    The reference work gives a detailed overview of translation studies and reflects the interdisciplinary diversity. The articles are all written by leading specialists in the area and besides traditional topics such as equivalence, translation strategies and new translations it also covers areas such as censorship, publication, semiotics, sociology and cultural studies.
  • Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB)
    TSB is an extensive bibliography within the research fields of translation and interpretation. Covers topics such as translation theory and history, intercultural communication, adaptation, interpretation and terminology.


Special Topics

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Language teaching and Learning
    An A-Z reference work.
    The Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning is an authoritative reference dealing with all aspects of this increasingly important field of study.
  • Københavnerstudier i tosprogethed. General series.
    The series deals with e.g. bilingualism and multilingualism, linguistic and cultural minorities, bilingual and multilingual teaching, and Danish as a foreign and second language. Four books, containing both Danish and English texts, are published annually. The separate titles can all be found through
    A number of the earlier publications of the series are accessible digitally on the webpage and can be found under “Genudgivelser”.
  • Studier i Parallelsproglighed
    Published under the peer-reviewed printed series “Københavnerstudier i tosprogethed”. The separate titles can all be found through
  • Encyclopedia of Rhetoric
    Provides a thorough overview of rhetoric. The articles are written by leading specialists and the work includes the many subject areas related to rhetoric: classical studies, philosophy, literature, literature theory and culture studies as well as communication and media studies.

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