Introduction to NVivo 11 for employees at AU Arts

Learn how to develop a systematic qualitative analysis procedure and implement it on your own material.

2017.03.22 | Hazel Engelsmann

Date Wed 10 May
Time 10:00 16:00
Location AU Campus Emdrup, room A410

The purpose of the course is to introduce participants to NVivo 11 and enable them to develop a systematic qualitative analysis procedure and implement it on their own material.

The course examines the basic functions in NVivo 11 and introduces how you can organize different types of qualitative material such as transcripts, pictures, audio and video files in a systematic and transparent way through the use of coding, memos, and displays.

The participants are encouraged to bring their own material to the course.


Target audience
The target audience for this course is researchers, consultants and administrators who are NVivo-beginners with a need to organize and analyze larger amounts of qualitative data.

 After the course, participants should be able to:

·         Set up and apply research criteria for systematic qualitative analysis
·         Import data and organize a project in NVivo 11
·         analyze larger amounts of qualitative data with NVivo 11 using the basic functions such as

o   memo-writing
o   linking
o   classification
o   coding

·         use both an inductive and a deductive coding approach to qualitative data
·         know of the function of

o   querying
o   displaying
o   research criteria of systematic qualitative analysis



·         The content of the course and the learning activities the participants will come across:

o   Lecture
o   Software practice (individual)
o   Discussion
o   Group work
o   Working with your own material



Marie Østergaard Møller, PhD. ProPublic.

Important!! Participants must bring their own PC or MAC with an installed version of NVivo 11. You can get access to NVivo through your it-service.

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