Frontiers in digital scholarship

State-of-the-art-visit to Prehistoric Archaeology, Moesgaard

2017.03.22 | Lisbeth Karlsson

Date Thu 06 Apr
Time 14:00 16:00
Location Moesgaard

Learn about digital methods and supercomputing in Archaeology. 11 scholars and PhD-students will take you through ongoing research:  

Museum Collections
Managing the treasure chamber/ Lise Frost (Curator, PhD)

Artefact Studies
Multivariate analysis of artefact measurements / Thomas Birch (Assistant Professor)
Geometric morphometrics – formal analysis of artefact shapes / Christian Hoggard (Post.Doc.) & Kamil Serwatka (visiting PhD student)
CSI-methods applied: unveiling a stone age potter’s tools /Niels H. Andersen (emerit. Curator, Dr.Phil.)
Deciphering the syntax of stone age pottery decoration through network analysis / Rie Bloch (MA-student) 

Digitial field recording
The present status of digital field recording in Denmark / Carsten Risager (Head of Arkæologisk IT)Recent advances in rock-art detection and recording. / James Dodd (PhD student)
Supercomputing in archaeology: expediting image based 3D recording / David Stott (PhD student)
Simplifying complexity through object-oriented modelling / Peter Jensen (PhD student)

Community science
Building a scientific community: the DIME project. /Andres Dobat (Associate Professor)

Education, education, and education
How far have we got – and what’s next? Virtual machines, flipped classroom and elite practitioners. / Jens Andresen (Associate Professor)

If you wish to participate, please send a mail before April 5th to Lisbeth Karlsson, or phone +45 5056 0092

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