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2016.09.15 | Staff

Receive an alert when new articles from your favourite journals are available

If you want to be informed about new articles within a specific subject area or new articles by a specific author you have several different options.

Academic Information Seeking

2016.03.31 | AU Library

Learn how to perform your own information seeking tasks when working on large assignments

Academic Information Seeking is an open online course for those working on a research assignment who would like to improve their literature search and information management skills.

2014.07.01 | AU Library

If you cannot access the electronic materials?

The library's user data have been updated. Read the rest of the news, if you have lost your access.


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NameJob titleEmailPhoneMobileBuilding
Jensen, ErikStudent Workererik.jensen@au.dk
Madsbøll, Ditte Nørgaard
Nielsen, Kristoffer Hangstrup FStudent Workerkhfnielsen@au.dk
Qvotrup, MichaelLibrarianbibmq@au.dk+4523382124+4523382124