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We'll get it

Do you need materials which we do not have, we'll try to get it for you.

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See if you can find it at bibliotek.dk

At bibliotek.dk you can search all the libraries in Denmark. If what you need it can be ordered directly at bibliotek.dk and picked up at a library at Aarhus University, at the Royal Danish Library (Aarhus) or at your public library.

Order it - we'll get it

If the material does not exist in Denmark at another library, we'll try to get it for you:

  • If the material is new we just buy it.
  • If the material can not be bought anymore, we'll borrow it to you from another library as an interlibrary loan.

TIP: To ensure a quick and secure ordering process, you can find material on www.worldcat.org and insert a link to the material in the order form.


Borrowing materials from other libraries are generally free. However, there are some services where you have to pay part of the costs.

We will always contact you before we order material that is taxed.