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Special access to e-resources during Covid-19

AU Library provides special access to electronic resources that have been opened in connection with the closure of the libraries under Covid-19. Keep an eye on the yellow box that we will do our best to keep updated.

E-books, articles and videos - free access

A number of publishers are providing special free access to a range of electronic resources for a limited period.

See the list of resources from, respectively, International Coalition of Library Consortia, the University of Leiden and the Helsinki University Library

Project MUSE

MUSE has extended the amount of free content, and there are now more titles available than are normally covered by the Royal Library license. Content that you have access to via subscription is marked with a green checkmark. Content that is free of charge due to Covid-19, is marked with a green "Free" icon.

Partially lockdown of the libraries

  • The AU libraries and the Royal Danish Library at Victor Albecks Vej are partially closed in the period from December 9 to and including February 7, 2021.

  • Lockers in the libraries: If you need to get hold of your things, please empty your locker before Wednesday December 9. 
  • You must wear a face mask when you are in the library    
  • You can continue to access the electronic resources at library.au.dk.
  • If you have any problems accessing electronic resources, please contact Ask the Library.
  • If you need help with literature searches, reference management, etc., you can find many subject-relevant resources on the Subject Guide pages. You will also find the subject librarians’ contact information here.

Can I get help with searching for literature?

Yes, you can. We would like to help you by email, phone or whichever means makes most sense. 

You can either write to Ask the library or Book a librarian

Can I get help with reference management?

Yes, you can. We would like to help you by email, phone or whichever means makes most sense. 

You can either write to Ask the library or Book a librarian.

How do I get access from home?

When you are not on campus, you must first login to your AU Library account, via library.au.dk, in order to access the electronic articles, e-books, databases, etc. Read more about home access.

Where do I find links to the electronic resources?

There are many entry points to the various electronic resources:

  • Search for the material you would like to access in the main search field on library.au.dk. Here you will be searching in our library system, where you will be able to find links to most of the available resources. Read more about the search options.
  • Use one of the Subject Guides that the library staff have created for your particular subject or degree programme. A Subject Guide page is a collection of resources that may be relevant to the subject you are currently studying. An easy entry point for starting your search.
  • Use the database list if you are unable to find the database you are looking via the main library.au.dk search function. In the database list, you must search specifically for the name of the database.
  • You can also take a look at our Resources page where you can find information on and links to other popular resources.