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News regarding databases

Gyldendal's Dictionaries

Access to Gyldendal's Dictionaries

2021.04.09Aarhus University has decided to allocate funds to renew its subscription to Gyldendal's Dictionaries. Access to the dictionaries offline is via ordbogen.com

[Translate to English:] HSTalks

HSTalks – Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

2018.12.13Turn on a lecture when it suits you


Select subject matter in drop-down menu.

Use the search box to search for the title (e.g. Scopus) or search term (e.g. ordbog / dictionary)

The English name is in parentheses.

AU Library offers access to a large number of databases with very different content: articles, journals, e-books, film manuscripts, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, statute books, statistics and much more.

The database lists vary and focus on different topics.

List of databases

Select your preferred list of databases

Guide to the database list

What is the database list?

In the database list you will find a collection of databases which cover a vast range of different content: articles, journals, e -books, screenplays, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, statute books, statistics and much more.

This list will prove invaluable when preparing for exams, writing assignments, thesis or dissertations or just when performing day-to-day studies.

How do I use the database page?

If you know the name of the database:

  • Type the name in the search box on the page.
    (You don’t search in the database itself via this search box)
  • Or you can find the database via the alphabetical list that appears below the search box.

If you do not know exactly which database you need:

  • The database list can be simplified by selecting a subject area from the drop-down menu on the left and then clicking search.

Alongside each database there is an i-button with a detailed description of the contents.

Can I access the databases from home?

If you are an employee or student at Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital you have the possibility of accessing remotely the electronic resources to which AU Library/Det Kgl. Bibliotek subscribe.

An easy way to find the databases you use

All the databases can also be found via the search box on the front page. You can just enter the name of the database there and access it directly.

If you want to save or send a link to a specific database, you should be aware of the following:

  • After searching, there will be a small arrow to the right of the result.
    (In some screen resolutions this arrow can be very discreet)
  • Click on the arrow.
  • The item will then be displayed in a new screen. From here you can either bookmark the result or copy the URL/address and send it in an email to a fellow student.

Remember that another way to save your references is to click Add to favourites.

KB Link

After searching in a database you will often find a logo, entitled KB Link, alongside some of the articles you have found. Clicking on this logo should give you direct access to the article in full text. In those cases where the full text is not directly available you will be given the possibility of ordering the article.